Look at art.

Now what do you see?
@REYNOSO_FUA11 monke

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Skulls, perhaps depiction of death

Did you draw any of these?

No I wish, I’ve drawn maybe one decent drawing in my life lol.

Except the second one, I think most of us could come close to that. I just thought these looked cool.

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I just see characters that would be cool in games.
Especially that last drawing.

Some kind of cosmic demon boss.


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You want some art? Okay, butt this is not for the faint of heart.

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Nice, those all seem to fit the same theme, what did you find then under, apocalypse?

Lol I was looking for stuff like that.

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Zdzisław Beksiński

He a good artist.

download (1)

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I like that last one.
It looks like a dark souls area.

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Bro I can do way better than you on this topic

Just say the word and I’ll prove it

I like this one …

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Better monke art?

What’s that from?

Go for it

Look more closelier at the pic. It’s right there…at the bottom, in black latters

I see it.
I actually like how it looks.

Have you played it?

The art style anyway.
I havent looked into the game.