look at this cat

axoduck 2


he has a hat

pretty silly

I’ve looked what is my prize

he is cool cat

that is prize

Fine the cats enough


What is that cat doing?



Lol. Has anyone ever noticed as a society we name dogs normalish names meanwhile cat people will name there cat, Satans-Dildo or Trashpile or stuff like that. Like wtf is that all about

my cat’s name is garfield and my dog’s name is kadabra


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My cats name is SpeedBump and my Dogs are named, Isis (this was before it became a terrorist group) Gemma, Chino, and the new edition has yet to be named but we are leaning towards Zeus cause he has a nice yellow stripe on each side of his body that blends in nice with his brown coat

My cats name is fat ass


3 cats and 3 dogs with relatively normal names.
Dogs - Timber, Bindi, Mae-Belle
Cats - Penelope, Thor, Mischief

Although we do pronounce Penelope weird. (PEE NA LOPE) but that’s just from a movie

Lol. Sounds like speedbump’s brother or sister. My cat is hella thick. And since she was a kitten loved to lay in the most inconvenient places

Thats one cute pussy

I used to have two cats called cain and ceasar

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This is Pinky our newest cat


My cat’s name is Jolene but I call her meatloaf.

She’s rectangular and her color looks like meatloaf.