Loot box bugs

Getting red knives like cutter or tactical default give no currency for duplicate item

Mythic ft members are in loot boxes… should at least get currency but gives nothing.

The following 2 issues also stay checked with carrot symbol even though its unlocked

Owl wolf recordings bugged with unlock symbols

Predator pipieline crashes
Ducking ft arrow issues

When throwing disc it will bug and take you out of stealth

Cant swap weapons mid flight as predator? Why was this in last patch

Invisible artifacts block disc and arrows

When completely standing still ai spot predator invisible

Macro weapons traps and netgun exploits

Graphic settings pc exploits

Berserker movement speed. Obese predator that eats bullets

I have noticed with the bow that if there is something with a hit box (such as a branch), in close proximity and near the aiming mark (like a foot to one side), the arrow will be pulled in that direction substantially.

Also the decloak affects bow and plasma caster also, it throws a random melee attack after release for some stupid reason. Not always but extremely often.

True and does with disc as well

Nice to not be alone experiencing this, at first i thought it was my mouse that had started getting worn out. This bug has caused me so much trouble, revealing myself to the Fireteam.