Macho Man Randy Savage FT DLC

Make it happen, all stat at max and gear and perks at 20 points. comes with his Catch Phrases “OH YEAH” and “I’M GONNA GETCHA!!!” And Parry will be Replaced with Suplexing the Predator and stunning it for 7 Seconds


@MassImpact124 For the Mania!!

One can only hope the single player campaign will have some teams with dope characters with dope stories to tell! Machoman was part of the original OWLF members before he died tragically.

I can feel the madness creeping in already, ohhh yeahhh!


For all the cybernetic implants in Machomans skull…his decapitated head spoke…Telling Dutch…
"The co-ordinates…Find the co-ordinates to …!!..aughh…ghghee…27() 19** 127***"* Honduras, Belize, Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador…find…aihgasdfgas

Where there was the crater, was the ship!!.. Stalking Shadows!

He took my head!!!

My wife…issabella…

Yes, please

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this needs to be a thing!!!

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Unfortunately with today’s best CGI, they can not reproduce his pulsating red face and dilating blood vessels and sweat and grease…never been done . Too taxing on the GPU.
at least can’t do it in real-time.

I would love to get Jake the Snake robert do his voice. Its only proper respectful.