Make the 'Dutch' Biomask an actual wearable item for Predators

It’s one of the best biomasks I’ve seen in a while, and certainly better than all the standard options available.

  • Yes, bring this badass mask to the game.
  • No, I don’t want it as an option, because I was kicked in the head by a horse when young.

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That’s a very specific ‘no’ choice…

What if it came to game as a FT option?


I’d be cool with either I think. I do think the mask is pretty sick looking.

I liked that mask from the moment I saw it first. Funny how its better in design than all the other masks we have in game XD

Anyone else think it looks too small for an adult Pred, I think that might be one reason. It’s scale isn’t awkward to the human eye.

They’d need to adjust scale and proportions slightly, but hopefully they could retain the fundamental design without too many compromises.

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I wonder if we’ll also get the Predator that the mask belonged too


Good question

(Ok back to work for real now.)

Probably scrapped because of the snout bit clipping tbh. That or we get an injection of a bunch of masks at some point.

I would like to see the mask brought to our customization.


Ima just pick no because

I love the design It’s based off the original pred design lol but as a mask it’s amazinnngggggg

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Anyone know if a predator can arrow shoot the mask and not have the FT member get hurt?

Just envisioned that a predator took off their mask.
Ripped some of their loin cloth off.
Wrapped it through the masks holes, and holds the cloth traps tightly.

Proceeding to beat the life out of the FTmembers like its a friggn Flail.

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not gonna lie that mask look S.I.C.K

I would love this mask to be avaliable to the Predators, reminds me of Tracker and Berserker.

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