Make the Predator player the host in pubs

Either make the Predator the host in public hunt matches for lowest possible latency or give the Predator hitscan ranged weapons. As Fireteam you can play fine with up to 250ms, as Predator you can’t do anything other than trying to spam the plasma caster and your leaps will bug out 75% of the times.


Worst idea ever.
All the Pred would need to do is limit the upload speed on the router and he would have all the advantage.

Worst reply ever.
So simply have the matchmaking set a required upload speed to be the host. Your problem solved.


This is the only game in which players complain about projectile weapons. Most FPS games have travel time and bullet drop and nobody complains to this degree. They should just adjust the FT weapons for travel time and bullet drop so it’s fair.

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After the matchmaking, the Predator would do that.
You play MO games since when, today?

Have you tried comparing the gameplay on both sides with high and low ping?

While playing with a high ping on pred is basically unplayable, for ft it’s still manageablele.

I’m not talking about latency but upload connection speed.
What i’m talking about is well known in symetrical and assymetrical MMO games to get advantage. Of you lower your up speed, the server will provode to othwr players incorrect position of your character as well as will not regiater yoir dealt damage right away. It will cause sync issues.

No one’s gonna even bother with that. You are forgetting how small the online is and most of the players are potatoess who barely managed to download the game.

Entirely true.
However it’s possible and it would make the game horrible…

Possible but not probable and I’m willing to take that risk.

It’s the same situation with hacks/cheats. It is possible to create them but not worth the effort.

You are not suppose to have functional weapons vs the fireteam, this is their game, the Predator is just a leaping punching bag that is there to lose the match, its the only purpose he is on this game and how it was balanced.


Thanks for confirming my previous statement.
I am a potato because i have an opinion different from yours? So mature…

Both your statement and opinion was shit and ignorant, a decent programmer can solve your little theory-worries about manipulating upload speeds.

Oh theories??
Now it’s a fact, you arrived on MMO games today.
If you don’t believe me, go watch YT.

Agreed on this - make it like the old-school DBD days when it was actually survivor-sided and the Killer hosted each match to make it consistent.

I also agree with Scarface’s comment but these maps are pretty small that drop would be close to negligible whereas the drop of the Pred weapons are much more noticeable.

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That’d be because one side has hitscan weapons and the other has shit like wrist launcher. Or combistick that drops off the face of the planet at 50 feet while doing meme damage while SAWZ go boom.

It’s a mystery.

And I take it you’ve never played Overwatch.