Map and General Suggestion(s)

New player here - really enjoying the game so far! Great work!!

For a new map, was wondering if we could have a crashed Predator ship to explore - one where the Predator would also be retrieving an objective or attacking the team attempting to extract tech. Would like to see a DARK map, flickering lights and a flashlight mechanic for us to use (limited battery use?). A dark or dim map would really make this a terrifying adventure, nighttime too. Multiple Predators vs multiple fire teams would be neat - 2-3 Vs. 8-12? (4 man fire teams)

A city environment would also be cool to go into - Predator 2’s early scene in the city, with the bodies hanging up, dripping blood? Yes please!!

Predators need some more device love -

  1. Holographic projection device
  2. Proximity Mines
  3. Caltrops (Cause bleeding and slow)
  4. Electrostatic Smoke Grenade (Causes motion blur, weapon misfires, damage over time)
  5. Varying Arrow Types (Homing/Seeking, Exploding, Armor Pen)
  6. Tree Net Trap (Hanging trap of some kind)

KICKING ATTACKS (please?) - FACE CHOMP EXECUTION (when Biomask destroyed - please?!)

Soldier/FPS Mode is pretty great so far - would like to see some FIRE though, a FLAMETHROWER for either the Predator OR the Soldiers? Burning foliage would be a cool thing to see - napalm grenades?

As a general suggestion - it would be nice to see the humans SLOWED DOWN a bit. Although it’s fun being able to outpace a Predator with a well timed jump, I shouldn’t be able to bunny hop my way outta a bad situation!

This game is GREAT - enjoying all the love you’ve shown it. Bought 3 copies for myself and buddies! Cheers!


Don’t worry

That’ll change soon

God no they’re hunters not savages

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Create a map that centers around FT driving a boat

The boat can be destroyed/repaired

Add swimming mechanic

Add environmental hazards in water (Piranhas)

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@Technoviking that’s the username only certain people will understand. Bravo

No not great work.
You’ll see why soon.
Predator deserves better.

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On rivers ya you could swim to land quickly but if the boat is destroyed mid way through on a lake that’s forced damage from Piranhas

Either the damage is balanced around this making it negligible in normal circumstances or they’d die before reaching the shore unless you make them super soldiers able to fight underwater. But even then a sniper against that would be extremely bad making snipers situationally worse than other weapons

No because they aren’t everywhere

There would be randomly generated areas where piranha are present

Dangerous if your at low health survivable otherwise

Randomly generated between you and the shore

Not to mention less RNG the better

Makes things more consistent

Thanks for joining Hunting Grounds!

I’ve really enjoyed the game as well, there are a few of us here on this forum believe it or not!

Definitely on board with some of your suggestions there, night mode has been rumored for a good while and there are some data-mines pointing to that coming.

I did a video a little while back for AvPGalaxy that had a few similar suggestions to these if you’re curious.

Looking forward to Cleo myself, but it’s about time we got more movie Predators!

I would reinstall if that happened
I would never leave the boat
Also why not add more Amazon creatures like the electric eel or caiman