Marking the Predator

I’ve been finding that the past three or four games as the Predator have been rather draining in terms of fun. I’m running into a lot more higher level players who have been around from the start which isn’t too much of a problem except for the fact that when they mark you after spotting you the first time you’re basically as good as dead. It’s just not fun having to basically run away from a fireteam who will all mark you and make your cloaking basically redundant. Just feels like the fun of stalking players as the Predator just doesn’t exist now that I’m playing with these more pro players. That’s not saying I had an easier time with lower level players since they would spot me at times and make it a challenge, the difference here being marked no matter where I am, even if I run away and come back with a different strategy I always get immediately marked and there’s nothing I can think of to do to fight against it? I tried changing it up and using audio decoys and not using the tree’s but more working on the ground but they always spot me a mile out and then that’s it, game over.

Any advice would be appreciated, I’m not the most amazing player in the world since I’ve only just gotten back into this game but it just feels like this is all now suddenly happening and taking the enjoyment out of playing as the Predator.

It’s just the unfortunate fact that the balance is Fireteam biased. It’s centered around scenarios of 1v1, so implement that kind of power within 4 Fireteam players and now you have the Predator having an impossible win due to that unbalanced over powered scale that Fireteam has. At this point, it’s really doing your best with what you got.

Only thing I can say is stick to long range battles, have good aim with long range weapons, and focus on long range based builds to face highly skilled players. Getting close will just get you killed. Some folks here can help with more advice but at this point, everyone is aware that the gameplay is very poorly balanced. Good luck out there bud


Well there’s a lot here to take in. @Pepestorm is correct. You want to stick to long range as much as possible. So, I’d consider getting good with the bow, smart disc, and the plasma caster. The handheld plasma caster isn’t that bad. I think it got buffed 4 updates ago. But, in order to use it, your aim has to be pretty spot on due to the recoil of the weapon. I’d also recommend watching YouTubers like ‘‘Samhain13 and Ja5onPoolLx13’’. They have several breakdowns on how to play against premades or just good players in general. The both talk about the spotting issue your having.

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Yea, it’s a bit of a learning curve in that you get quick, undetected ambushed in and when you do get shot make sure you at least get trades in or out gun the FT. Note I said Out Gun. You’re not gonna win by throwing swords and stuff.

Yea there’s basically no point in “stalking” players unless the point is to mark them with filled up tags so you can keep track of them.

Audio Decoys will play a multitude of sounds that can immediately be identified by a FT Player who knows what to listen for. For example, it will play Male (regular) Predator Roars even if your Pred has a different roar (Bionic/City Hunter/Unmasked Elder/Female Preds), or it will play Fireteam Sounds that might not even apply to your team. (Dutch Voicelines when there are no Dutchs on your team).

You can hit me up or hit up the PHG Discord (the Reddit one, but not the Reddit itself) and we can help you out.

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