It’ll also be written by the same write who did Predator Vs. Wolverine - Benjamin Percy

oh gawd.why? I mean they just kicked vs wolverine, then Avengers vs aliens now this?
Disney is just pushing unnecessary canon because it will get people who don’t understand products to gravitate to it. Much like “the MCU killing comic books”. Literally, its like a generation only see Tony Stark as ONLY Robert Downey JR. and that is how Disney only sees people consume this content.
Such a sucky way to go down, but I do see this as a decade long progression that will not last.

Like if you don’t see it potentially becoming an ongoing series, you could pretty much rule this out as a one-shot deal. It will be overlooked and abandoned before it starts.

Percy (Writer of the Comic Series):

“Those who read Predator vs. Wolverine will know that I adhered to canon in a dancing-between-the-raindrops kind of way. Is it officially canon? I honestly don’t know. But I’m treating it like it is, because / want people to feel like the story matters, like the Yautja have been in the 616 all along, hunting.”

Along with my confirmation email from Marvel, this story, along with Wolverine will be canon to the 616 universe.

well at least Ken Lashley does the cover. i miss that poor guy.

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What else was his other work?

Well black panther for one, early in his day he was all over the place. Very underrated and really deserved his place. He never really went to do self-publishing or creator owned titles. He kind of just noodles at Marvel for cover work, then DC.
Being where he lives, I personally seen him on the scene for a very very long time.
Not at the conventions but just on the Marvel scene. I guess that is where he is most comfortable with. He has had more cover work on par with any other Marvel artist that worked from the 70s to the 90s except he started in the 90s and cont. to present day.

But IMHO, his work in comics is not a rushed thing. He deserves something, i’m just not sure what that is. A Predator comic, well, thats OK i guess. again, he works here and there and not really on contract for long runs sadly.

He, like Philip Tan, are the unsung heroes.
Unless there is a reorganization of the corporations, there won’t be another boom another something huge happens.

They should release all these at once and it’s just pred losing to the entire marvel roster instead of pretending its a versus.

Wolverine was the easiest matchup melee-only and he can’t even do anything about the adamantium skeleton, gg.


Isn’t that hilarious, how the Predator is talked up to be one of the most memorable, powerful and strongest creatures in film history, with a huge lore and badass weapon and armor designs, tough enough to go up against fucking XENOMORPHS, the perfect killing machine…and in every media they get their asses kicked? Made to look like a joke? I suppose the counter argument is the Yauja are inherently cocky and arrogant, as Jungle and City would have easily won if they had not gotten overconfident and used different methods against Dutch and Harrigan. Which more or less boils down to plot armor. Same with Prey, probably more with Prey. But in all these “vs.” matchups, Pred just gets wasted, or turned into a laughing stock (hi, Archie vs. Predator). I would give a lot to see the Pred win, like have an awesome, stand-out final fight with the last guy like with Dutch, but actually kill him. But we all know depressing endings like that never fly, especially in genre movies like these.


When I was a kid, I asked my cousin why humans survive in every movie.
she said: “Because movies are made by humans.”

In a sense, it might be what she said.

Lame as fk they shoulda left the alien and predator vs super heros alone at the batman. Now hes just gonna be marvels punching bag. Give us some new alien life forms vs predator or something, thier never gonna have predator winning ripping a heros spine.

Its getting kinda boring

Real Jango Fett jetpacking into the arena to get decapitated by a Mace Windu energy.