Masks broken on Elder Predator [possibile bug]

Hello, I recently reached level 150 and unlocked the Elder Predator class,
I was going in the customization to change mask, and it happend that some of the mask looks “broken” when I select then, and others don’t;

I don’t know if it’s a feature (beacuse the class represent an “old Hunter”), or if it’s a bug.

It happens with Abyss, Arthos, Cyclone, Inferno and Mist (I don’t know if it is the correct english name of it).

Some examples:

Playing on PS4, last updated version.


Maybe it’s a variant of the masks we will get in the future and broken (future and current masks)

Looks to me like a graphics defect. Seems like they didn’t load all the way in.


I even turned off and on the console a few times, but it’s always there, and only with those masks I said.

Pretty confusing.

just a weird graphic bug i guess. I dont get this on pc

It has been happening on my loadouts too the update bugged out a lot of peoples loadouts some worse than others if you delete your save data it should fix it, all of your unlocks will stay but your settings across the board with revert to default 👍

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oh shit, LoD 2

It sometimes happen also in a last cutscennes, where the glasses in a masks disappear.

Alphas loin cloth also always looks like its in the jumping down animation