MASS SIN is killing me

The fire doesn’t believe in me no mo. What should i do @TheSenate sometimes I don’t feel like the @TheAlmightyJim and i’m frieghtened! Don’t turn your backs on me! I just wanted to be myself! @Samhain13

Kids Help Phone? is ok?
Or is the sin a real thing? Do yo u believe in the sin? or the truth?

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@Fire yu fakkin degenerate. We talked about this, Mass needs a circle of support.


You’ll never be me (I’m the best)
But I support you even though (I’m the best)

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Massimpact commited suicide and he is nolonger with us: may he rest in peace

Jesus christ he’s a paedo
Get that fucker

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fak u jim!

I agree. Jim…f…u…

say it!

i can’t
won’t they banned me for that?

Moderators have no power here. They’ve pretty much abandoned the forum, people can say whatever nowadays.