MASSIMPACT has been away for a month! VENEGENCE COMETH!

and you shits been poopin all over the place!

Well let me tell you sometin~!
Yall been sinning and having fun! Thats about to end!

Well let me tell you. MassImpact is going to have none of that!


I was worried that something had happened to you. I hope to see you in the jungle again!

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I will be in that jongo! Sweatin my ass off.

Are you still playing this game?

hell no

damn it. I wanted to fight you again. Anyway, I’m glad you’re okay.

That’s why you went away, you just wanted to watch all of Seinfeld.

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Ain’t you dead?

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Welcome back to the world my creation!


Fak yu

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No fak yu!

Draw your machete coward, may the least brain damaged win.

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I’ve got a machete the size of my arm, yall wanna fight with that?

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That machete is the size of a normal man’s arm
Look at the downward perspective of that photograph.


Oh shit yeah now I see it my bad, how many inches is it? I think mines around 24 inches, I’m guessing the one in the picture is the same?

Well, lemme grab the measuring tape.
It’s just a beater I got online for clearing briars at my cabin


I’m not especially tall but I’m built like a fucking neanderthal so it throws the perspective of the image off with my meat paws.

So around the same, and are you a caveman or some shit? A French caveman.

Being dead serious I have like 3-4x as much Neanderthal dna as the average man does (1-2% for average, about 5-8% for me). So yes, I am literally caveman.

I have to bring my own lab gloves sometimes, as they don’t have size sasquatch in stock on occasion. I could probably choke a coyote out in a very literal interpretation of singlehandedly


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