Master/Elite Predator Armor

Sup folks, got another one for ya sooner than I thought, but a brief one.

Recall how Fireteam has Elite variants of the regular class outfits? Would be great for more refreshing customization if we were able to obtain the Predator equivalent for the Scout, Hunter, and Berserker. Its just very odd that Fireteam has those nice prestigious skins but Predator has none. I love the new warpaint and armor color we gotten but Fireteams has gotten all sorts of customization from their elite outfits, sunglasses, face masks, hats, and other things. Perhaps a Predator trophy necklace, capes, or tribal ornaments of some kind would add great variety for Predator customization. Least I can spend my +1mil VTs on something right?

Anyway, Elite Armor for Predator classes would be a nice visual and fun change for Predator customization that I hope can be fitted in future DLC. Either way, keep up the great work and have a safe day everyone!

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Excellent idea and suggestions! I’d love to see more customization available for our Predator’s!


They leaked it a while back in the Archive it was supposedly supposed to come out back when they added Airstrip but they never did

We’re there any pics of the potential armor?

No only files

I wonder if thier gonna add the mask with the tusks from predators and would be nice to at the very least be able to mix and match the armors and all that from head to toe as categories like upper, lower, and foot wear, and extra items like 87 hunters necklace, elders trophie accents, etc.

It was corrected recently that “masterarmor” was just a file name for coding in the various armor color shaders like crimson, silver, epic exclusive, ect. Sadly, it was never an actual new elite armor set for Predators. Huge bummer honestly and I do hope Illfonic adds in unique new armor sets for the Predator classes. At least the regular ones as the others are unique characters of their own, idk if the special hero type ones can even have elite armor skins.

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Damn that sucks I wish you could put the armor of other predators of the same class but you know illfonic is kinds DUM