Match start stuck at 00

This is getting out of hand. I’m 6 lobbies in and this has happened in 5 as pred. I’ll either have to leave because the game never starts or it does start after hanging a bit but we lose 2 players.

Let’s hot fix the hot fixes already please.


what maps did it happen in as it appears to be map related it’s why backwater was removed from quickplay

Headquarters Derailed excavation overgrowth

Delete save data

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Are all the maps breaking now?


And apparently people are fine with giving up Backwater.


This is happening a lot to me as well. Usually 3/5 matches it gets stuck on 00. Then I have to quit back to the menu and try again. I always wonder if everyone else has it happen at the same time in the lobby or it’s just me experiencing it. I’m on PC. Seems to happen on any map and regardless if I’m playing as FT or Pred.

Still happening to me. Usually happens with Backwater. Stuck at 00 and match doesn’t start. So fricken annoying! They really need to fix this.

The countdown being stuck at 00 means someone left the lobby right near it. By quitting or crashing. The stuck time is the game engine replacing with bots. The match will eventually start unless the remaining FT sees that someone left and leave too, then the process will start over again.


Makes sense.

this Bug is still there… Yesterday I had two matches there and nothing happen when the Timer is 00.

will they never fix that shit? You wait minutes for not getting a Game…

What a surprise