Just waited 10 minutes for only 2 people to join my game then next game got infinite connecting glitch where you will hear the alert you are being put in a game and it just never puts you in the game -__- please fix the matchmaking please thats all i want


I’ve been getting the conectiing loop today. Very frustrating

And pls
Fix the Ghost Glitch
@OldKingHamlet @Courier

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Patch drop in the next 49 seconds!

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We are gonna find an answer before them anyways.



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EPIC down

Epic is still down

yep still for me

Outriders fails to launch day one, devs been ontop of it with FULL transparency. (Even if it wasn’t their problem directly)

Phg goes down for half of it’s platforms and illfonic still be counting their sheep (cough money cough) while they sleep xD

But epic is the one down and not IllFonic

If I was illfonic, I’d be chasing up epic to make sure my game is working for my customers.

Again, simple customer service, even if itnisnt their fault.

True, true. Though timezones can be awful to deal with.

its back up for me

Welp, seemed like a short problem than. Probably something bugged out on EpicGames side.

its back up.