May We PLEASE Get a Quick Fix Update...

To be able to fix the mini map glitch or bug after reinforcements and also in clash.

To be able to fix the reckless specialization bug.

And hopefully to be able to fix the Predator ADS while in the Trees.

All before this game comes to Xbox and PS5 would be more than highly appreciated.

Thank you

bro, as practice shows, every fix from Illfonic, brings new bugs ) and it will be like this all the time, this mission impossible )

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Illfonic doesn’t care. They are MORE than aware of the problems with the game, like not just the deep-rooted issues, but something so simple as the Reckless bug, or Dante’s still having Field Medic, or dicking with some values for weapon buffs and nerfs. Like I don’t think Illfonic realizes it, but we’re not asking for movement overhauls or graphical upgrades or something that would take a few months, but very simple things that could take a day or two, even for a small studio like them.


Shut yo goofy ass down.

I think you mean “sit”. If he “shut” his goofy ass down, he wouldn’t be able to defecate or pass gas, which would cause numerous internal problems and likely lead to death. And we don’t want that.

it takes a few minutes to fix the bug and a few hours (maybe) to validate/deploy the fix… but you know how much it will take them to find the bug? Forever. Because they are inexperienced newbs that hire highschool and college interns to do the work. They pay them pennies and that’s why nobody stays there for more than a year. None of their seasoned devs are willing to put the effort it will take to fix everything because they are simply not worth it. Instead they go in there and move on after a while to a better job opportunity.

You get what you pay for.
This meme sums it all of what it is like to work at illfonic



If we’re lucky, there might be a patch this fall or winter. Until then, many players will be affected by various bugs.

My anticipation and excitement had long since dried up, as did my eyeballs. The only time I was really excited about this game was when Valkyrie appeared.

The fact that they will release in a year a new predator, and then a year later another one ) will not change anything , I think it would be more important for players to get a few new maps , but it will never happen , this game is dead.

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I thing resolution for the mini-map glitch occurring after reinforcements and during clash scenarios. The reckless specialization bug and refining the Predator’s aiming down sights (ADS) functionality when positioned within trees are crucial improvements.