Message to Illfonic Devs

I know you’re incapable of fixing game breaking bugs and exploits, so here is a recommendation to “fix” the Fanatic exploit.

Just delete Fanatic, Overwatch, Liberator, and Comms.

Easy. All you have to do is delete some code. That fixes the Fanatic issue and removes the clutter of having the mostly useless Comms, Liberator, and Overwatch.

OWLF Operative will only have 2 specializations, but if you’re not using Spotter, you’re playing that character wrong anyway.

Btw, Illfonic sucks.


I’ll give you your own advice.

Turn off the crossplay, 'cause you can’t cheat on console.

You’re welcome.

The Fanatic exploit can be performed by all. Yay.

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It doesn’t matter if he turns off crossplay. PS Players use the Fanatic exploit too.


Aren’t modded controllers (CronusZen) considered cheating?

You are wrong they can cheat on consoles now ive seen it

This is just un example how they can do it

Crossplay is a joke if psn players use it to avoid pc

I’ve got my own message to illfonic:

Dear illfonic,

Fak yu.



He was trolling that usual comment you do of turning off crossplay in order to not deal with cheaters.

Thing is its not really about platform, ironic that this exploit started as an excuse of ps players to win vs pc.

Illfonic is not here anymore. I only seen 2 people use it pubs so just like the speedhackers its a few guys and they will quit after getting bored of winning so easy.


This device is the one that Beerwarrior66 uses and modifies everything he wants in the game, it also serves to assist aiming among other things


Also about console cronus zen I had a ps player that send me footage of his team using on phg so it shouldnt be anything new

Didnt help them much though

Ive seen players cheat on consoles on mortal kombat 11 instantly killed him in matches so there are cheaters on consoles


Thing is, eventually all of the other IllFonic project communities should reach the same conclusion at some point.

I should join whatever forums they have just to see, I’m willing to bet there will be some major parallels to PHG’s community and forum.

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That is very true, played for awhile the other day and they were using the exploit! Didn’t help them much because they got stuck in a building so I just layed traps and spammed plasma lmfao! They started it lol!!!

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Yeah I can’t remember the last time I ever played a public match as Predator that lasted longer than 2-3 minutes. Its boring. I mainly just play DBD as Alien & Ghostface, and I’ve been trying out TCM aswell. I don’t really tend to play games anymore.

I might come back briefly to try and deliberately get into a match against a Fanatic Exploiter to shit on them for a ‘challenge’ though.

beerwarrior66 also uses a dildo-vibrator on the chair and sits on it, which is why he screams and jumps so much in the game

Pretty sure that is gamer girl