YOU have shown us that you are capable … That you are an efficient team … Talented … But above all listening to the PLAYERS…

PHG … Still has a lot of big problems to manage but we now know that we are all on the right track

Do not relax the Work…







😂😂🤣 love that reply

Seriously tho, thanks Illfonic, but they are not ‘lords’

Problems all I agree with.

In any case my message is more constructive than all hate attacks against developers😉


And they deserve to be praised too. They’re constantly bombarded with hateful messages about bugs, cash grab scamming and worst so it doesn’t hurt to remind them once in a while that yeah, despite the ongoing issues in the game we’ve still got love for it and appreciate their hard work👍🏼


This is true AF, lmao. These forums were overflowing with negativity for a while. It’s just nice to see it come around.

Plus, for the first time, it looks like people can say positive things about the game without being shit on. Praise it. 🙌🏻

Illfonic is on track, like a lot of people expected. Game is gonna get better and better with time.


They did leave us in dark room with our own thoughts to be fair.

For a month.

Every game forum has people trying to spit on devs and mods but even those ignore it and still manage to post some type of mild communication before the month passes.

Like will DLC bring a patch, it did and we’re pretty okay with it. If they had at least told us the DLC would bring a patch, that would’ve answered the number 1 question many had.

“This is our plan, nothing is final but end of the month, DLC we’re planning on bringing a fix patch with it.” People will cry hotfix and lazy but the majority will see that light at the end of tunnel and be at better ease.

The pinned post of “We’re listening” not exactly substantial enough on 3 weeks dead silence.

They did, but within that month they provided patches, and at least evidence that they’re taking in feedback.

That’s true in some instances, but not all of them. Especially when toxicity is rampant. Well, and for them, they’ve dealt with some of the worst toxicity with F13. Not saying that’s okay, just that it’s not uncommon.

I mean, a lot of people were expecting a patch before the DLC drop. But when it didn’t come, a lot of folks just assumed it’d be released with it. Standard procedure in some cases.

Eh, I think it may not be enough for some, and that’s fine. A lot of those people I’m sure are the ones that were negative and toxic. I think it’s more than enough for the majority that are interested in PHG and its future.

I love how when I praised Illfonic during the time before Dutch Patch, I got bombarded with hateful messages, but now that Illfonic is taking more steps, Moderation, Communication, and genuine interest in what, we, the players want out of the game, those people are getting more far and few in between. Keep on rocking Illfonic.

Good PR and fronts know when the community has serious gripes and issues there needs to be details to a claim.

25(ish) days they were radio silent. No changes between patches

When the state of the game was what it was, you have to address with some details or you can’t expect people to trust you or stay.

By details I dont mean patch specifics, but check in with more information. This is what we need, our priority, what we can do first, etc.

Especially when you break away from the average weekly updates/refreshes many games have adopted.

If you’re gonna be different, tell us.

Half of the rampant anger/hostilities would’ve been subsided if they told everyone DLC day was going to be patch day and it will help more now if this is our patch “expected” schedules.

With that information, the community would focus its effort to affect that date with information and our own help instead of feeling like we’re talking to a wall. At least the we’ll know the wall speaks back at the end of month.

Yeah… have to admmit… hate the bastards but love them at the same time

Some people on the forum reminds me of this

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Someone specific you have in mind? XD

A couple XD !

@SCOUTVAL go to hell bitch. Haven’t u seen the devs hate us

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I wouldn’t go that far but ya, this thread is full of nonsense