Metadata configuration failure!

Hey guys just joined but I really love this game it’s way better then the new alien marine game but it just started passing me this error and I can’t even enter the game anymore like I really enjoy playing this in my free time and for it to begin doing this really sucks to me btw I play on ps4 and I never had any issues with this before please respond to me what should I do

And I can’t show image cause this site won’t let me upload it and my gamer tag if the developers sees this is Pro_NightWolf please respond to me as quick as possible

I can’t tag the developer cause I just joined aswell ur not making this easy man

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@Kassinaillia have no idea how to fix this.

Send help pl0x


No need to tag us, we see every post! Does this error occur at a specific time? For example, right when you start the game or after a few minutes into a match?


I tried to reinstall the game and in a match it bugs out of the program and when I re enter it gives me the metadata thing

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Have you tried reinstalling since getting the error?


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Yeah and when I do it plays the first time but says I couldn’t recover my setting on characters and more and when I start game it takes more time then usually to start and about 2-3 min in game it bugs out and when I start it up again it says metadata configuration failure! Why? I want to play ur game

Okay, try hard-resetting your PS4 and checking your internet connection.

And if that doesn’t work?

Perform a conplete new installation. Delete everything, including the Options File on the system storage AND on PSN storage.

It works man what a process 2hours of resetting my ps4 I hope you know I love your game dudes😄


You didn’t have to reset it. Rebuild the database at the most…