Mic not working in game

Just as title says. In game my mic doesn’t work. That or the Push to Talk feature is bugged for me. Discord is fine. All settings look fine. Tried PTT on and off. Reinstalling the game. Still no good. Any ideas? Thank you.


Solved, My PC default sound settings were going to different sources. Make sure your sound settings are matching what you want.

That is the case for me yet it does nto want to work

I can’t get my mic to work all settings are fine the game has permission to use my mic and is using it but Is not working at all.

Is it a Gaming Headset with mic or a regular headset with mic?

I have the same problem, I have tried blue yeti and a webcam mic, nothing works.
steam also have permission to use the mic and I change the mic to default in windows.
why is there no real sound option in the game menu like in overwatch ;(
I have in fact never seen anyone with steam use the mic

Same here, mic not working. Dam shame.

~cough~ ARK Survival Evolved ~cough~

Game not working plz fix