Microphone not working

Sometimes my microphone(push-to-talk) doesn’t work in either the main menu, lobby, during the cutscenes or the actual match. I don’t know what’s causing this or how to recreate the problem, it seems to be completely random for me where i can and can’t use the microphone.
Restarting both the game and my PC doesn’t solve it.

Is anyone else having this problem?

No. At least not yet.
Let me guess? Realtek drivers?

microphones by default will start being active at lobby or during a party at the main meu . It wont work at the base main menu when nothing is going on.
Maybe its your push to talk button- is it bound at the game level or 3rd party software level?

It’s strange that restarting the game and your PC doesn’t seem to solve the problem. Sometimes, these tech glitches can be so random and elusive. Have you tried verifying game files or updating your audio drivers? It’s worth a shot to see if it helps.

Changing the default recorder helped me a few times


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disable the cheat engine, speed hack, CHEATER!!! 😂