Mike Harrigan /BLM

I have found a huge problem this legend of a guy is not in the game what kind of bug is this?

Come on IllFonic you guys can get Arnold in but not Danny ?


I think its a matter of budget at this stage.

I got a feeling they blew their wad on the governator

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All that money they made from arnie, these guys have got more then enough to get Danny on board as he won’t request as much as arnie

This would be neat. I’d even be happy to see Danny Trejo, and the some of those racial stereotypes from “Predators.” Yakuza Ninja was kinda cool as stereotypical as he was. I mean we’re getting the Samurai Predator from that portion of the franchise, are we not? Predators wasted Lawrence fucking Fishburne. MORPHEUS!

Tell me he wasn’t pretty fucking awesome before they decide to yank him away and give him random bs PTSD / Schizophrenia smashed together and attack the main characters and then get popped like a balloon …

Danny Glover and Lawrence Fishburne lending their voices for characters to buy would probably give these jerks some more $$ needed to fund some much needed touch ups. I think your idea is great. This game is fucking content starved.