Mimicry Wheel additions

I’d like more phrases to choose from when playing as Predator. Fireteam might also need a few more, was thinking about “Muddy up!”, but that one is being said when someone actually does it, to give the team mates a hint that maybe they should too.

Predator phrases:
+Medkit (ex: Medkit, stitch yourselves up!)
+Ammo (ex: Ammo over here!)
+AI phrases (ex: What the!? F*ck this i’m hitting the alarm!)

Would love for some ghostly additions.

Possibly if that teammate is “dead” the mimicked voice sounds “broken” or as if the predator is learning how to say the words to the point it sounds mechanical.

Just tid bits of fun stuff :)

I only want 2 more lines of dialouge
for the predator. Well more like one. First I want to be able to laugh at FT futile efforts and secondly, I want Predator to say “you’re one ugly motherfucker”. And for the hell of it toss in “want some candy” and “take that you scum sucking dog!” Even though he never said that in the movie

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The audio devices do it

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Want some candy?, the real over here, Turn around in a creepy voice, Any time.

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