Mimicry wheel – same system as in F13th

Give us ALL of the roars and phrases preds mimicked across all films/comic books and default ones from game, but don’t increase slots on the wheel(that would be ridicules XD). Let us customize the wheel in menus, adding and removing phrases of our choice. Also, don’t just give us all the phrases - they should be obtain in game via levelling up or xp/varritarium - basically same system you had in Friday 13th with kill animations for Jason.


We need new lines such as

Shit happens

Fucking voodoo magic


What the hell are you


Get to the chopper or Ruuuuunn

Also I feel the current lines need to be distorted to match want some candy

And being able to choose the lines you want is a great suggestion


I think each line should be in 2 versions - normal and distorted. It would be up to the player which line version is added to mimicry wheel.

Distorted lines can be cheap and normal lines can cost more VT or XP. Or vice versa


I like choices

Or if they add a voice modulator to the game so the predator players voice just sounds like that

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Especially when there is a metric shit-tone of them XDDDD
Just like it was with kill animations in F13th - It was my main purpose in game, to earn new ones and then test them out on ppl XDDDD

@GreyBack can tell you a thing or two about that XD

Yea they seem to have forgot or didn’t know that players like to unlock things in games

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Not necessary forgot – actually it takes a lot of recourses and money to create a system like that. Therefore, in my opinion, if something like that would be implemented – it should be a paid DLC. I’m sure that Illfonic would not only brake even but earn money on a DLC system of this sort.

This is where I gotta disagree

I wouldn’t pay for that

I’ll pay for cosmetics and characters

Even maps

and the idea just died :-(
Well, we had a good try! XDDDD

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laughter is a must… i wanna be able to just laugh have this echo laughter

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This is exactly what Ghost Recon Wildlands does. I play the PvP Ghost War a lot, and you can unlock various voice lines and add them to slots on a selection wheel. It also does the same thing with character emotes.

Obviously this will never happen in this game I’m afraid.

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From technical point of view its not an issue, other games have it, their own game had it in a different form - a pair of coders can set this up in few hours. Problem is you need to create all those lines, hire voice actors, get license to use audio from movies - big money involved. If it would be a paid DLC than there is a chance. But tbh, its only my guess that a paid DLC would cover all the costs. Perhaps its impossible at this stage.

Yep, that’s the main issue. The technical/coding side should be relatively straight-forward, but I just can’t see them bothering at this stage to get all the audio content created.

I would Like this and, 4 empty slots on the wheel so after you scan ft members you get there voice as a voice line!

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Guys. You are forgetting one thing. When they do stuff, it’s terrible.

The City Hunter roar was awful and just a low fi recording from the movie.


And then they fixed it after countless threads and a
Strong worded petition

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I love this idea!


I definitely want this one

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I think directing sound like that in this game would only work if there was no mini map or the ability to see friendlies through walls

If the took them away, I think it would make it far more immensive and keep the FT together for the fear of getting lost.

Have the mini map and see through walls ruins the mimicry I think because you can determine very quickly if it’s fake

Oh I don’t want the Functionality that is present in AVP 2010 I just want the specifically the timestamped line

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