Mini gun no vibration on controller

Found out exactly what causes this its if you ADS first before you shoot it then it will have no vibration but if you shoot without aiming using L2 then it will have vibration. Please fix this illfonic!!


This issue still persists. Like i said if you aim using the the L2 button before shooting the mini gun it will have no vibration.

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Please @OldKingHamlet @Courier

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They don’t care though

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I feel like this has become exceedingly clear.

IllFonic doesn’t care about their game, they pulled a mini EA and it is just a shitty cash grab.

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@OldKingHamlet @Courier still not fixed!!

Won’t be! Ever!


What platform are you on?

I am on playstation and PC i have tested this with both platforms the ps5 controller has no vibration, ps4 controller, even the xbox controller has no vibration. I already talked to @OldKingHamlet on reddit about this glitch and he said he already told QA about this so hopefully in the next update 2 months from now it will be fixed if you could tell QA again that would be great

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I told him about it over a month ago though so thats why im reporting it again thank you @Kassinaillia

Hey @Kassinaillia did you ever report this one to QA?? I never heard back from you about this thanks!