Minus one

Alrite let’s hear it who’s gonna watch this godzilla minus one? Ima have to catch that early 29th show cus this looks like it’s gonna be one for the books.

The only thing that urks me wierd is his dexterity to be physically and gymnastically mobile. Its like only a nimble human being can have that kind of physical expression in those scenes. It just doesn’t make sense at that scale of being taller than a mountain top. So…yeah. Otherwise, some interesting concepts of his tail and spine lighting up and stuff. but you know.this is to sell toys.
It doesn’t look like its meant to freighten children into undeground bunkers.

Therefore it may not look like the spiritual successor of Shin Gojira even though it was a financial success.
I guess originally it really wasn’t the point of the franchise to begin with in the 60s. It made a shit ton of money by scaring people with nuclear fears but really it was meant to bolster an economy because it got people spending.

Shin godzilla is my boys favorite godzilla but idk that godzill in its last stage seemed like he was in a catatonic state but cmon bro you may have a point but you telling me we using the scientific method for this

Lmao but seriously I just memer being a kid loving the old godzilla flicks so this has me hyped and it’s toho so they ain’t gonna do anything to out of the realm

yeah, kids expectations weren’t very high back in the day. I’m sure they were continually getting upgraded to CGI eventually and that blew our minds. it got better by 2000 for godzilla. no more of that loopy wire act of the 70s.

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Cgi was badass seeing for the first time but movies over use that shit now so I’m not amazed by it as much as I am when I see any film still using practical effects. That’s wut I like about old school horror and movies like that

well by the time the cgi came into effect all the acting and scripts were like something out of power rangers. Prior to that they went very old school holistic shit which didn’t meet up with modern day drama. Just very much awkward ideas being presented.
I guess that’s just the Japanese mentality at times. Shin Gojira did set a precedent on suspense no other godzilla film had tried before. I’m not sure if they will ever do it again at this point. I think they tried to expend the Shin idea and make Ultraman something else. But ultimately didn’t contend with the modern horror concept.
Here is an idea, the next Shin stuff come out might be from the Western American studios. How about that?

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OK I was with you til you said western studios doing the shin stuff lol I mean they came along way with the new godzilla type but idk if you memer when that 1999 or 2000 American version of godzilla came out and that just passed the Japanese off to the point they made a movie of og godzilla beating his ass lmfao 😂

i don’t believe its a statement of creative power or economic power or anything but if YOU think it does…well then…behold the Economist in you!