Mission intel suggestion (spotted objective items)

Would LOVE to see some of these missions become more difficult.

Everyone knows them in and out and knows where everything is practically.

Is there a way, we could have less mission indicators to tell FT where to go and force them to actively go around the map and figure out their missions as they go? Minimal guidance visually and verbally from Zeus?

Loved playing F13 finding parts that I had no real idea where they were for escape vehicles, while having the super anxiety driving experience of never knowing where or when Jason would pop up! (Pred would need some sound reduced for this too).

Just a suggestion and thought it would be fun :)

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If they increased the time to 20-25 minutes it’d work.


Actually a good idea. Like stop telling us where the people who need to be killed are. Let us find them when they infiltrate. And maybe like if a sniper spots them then they become visible

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Had a suggestion that after a certain level, your Intel is reduced to increase the level challenge.

Think it would.be terrifying going through the jungle not really knowing exactly where to go.