Illfonic, there is an error because according to their history the passive capacities of the two Dutch should be reversed because the young and better than the old but it must be the reverse


Illfonic, il y a une erreur car selon leur histoire les capacités passif des deux Dutch devraient être inversé car le jeune et meilleur que le vieux mais ça dois être l’invers

Hes saying switch the passives from 87 to dutch and 2025 dutch.

That it makes more sense.

Which one? Increased hip fire damage over hip fire accuracy? Or mud up Resistance to faster mud up time?

Both I think.
Idk I guess it makes sense?

Tho their health would have to switch then I think.


In my opinion the dutchs are the worst classes in the game

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I’m indifferent about them.
I just play scout and support.

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Scout for clash and recon for hunt always will has been and always will be

Recon? Fucking disgusting.

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Best class in the game. Prove me wrong

Only a Texan would think recons the best. Are you Texan now?
You also admit Texas bbq is the best if you think recon the best. XD

Nah recons are def from North Carolina. They like coleslaw ontop of their pulled pork and need to drink 3 pickle back shots a day to survive. The filthy assault players are from texan who think because they have better secondary damage that the mini gun is going to work better lol.

Hang on I got you.

Hang around? Are you threatening me with a good time?

Nah check the new poll xD.

Recon is the pity fuck class, gets bonus perk points, just so people will play it.

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You want a pity fuck?

No I Play Scout, we don’t need any pity points.

I do enjoy running scout from time to time. Even have a build that has no stims so I have mad gear lol.

Scouts are def from New York since they like NY pizza