Modern Warfare 2

Did they just make this game again for the third time or am I going crazy?

Lol this guy’s prediction came true!

I couldn’t find the video but it was guy buying like COD Modern Warefare 100 lol

Spiked my curiosity so I looked it up. Apparently there are 19 published games in the series.

Must be some cash cow 🤷‍♂️

The new CoD MW 2 should be an improved version of the old one, from what I learned from a short YT-clip.

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I thought the same . Didn’t they just do the campaign remastered a couple of years back?

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I’d say for the second time. This game looks like an expansion for the MW remake. Regardless this MW2 will just become warzone 2.0 (same shit, new coat of paint). It will never capture the same feeling the original did.

More Captain Pierce and soap lol

They don’t even look right in the new game. Just about everyone there looks like a cringe airsoft kid

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Did they change the plot? retcon deaths and stuff? Is this an alternate universe?

That’s what I remember.

I guess sequels don’t exist now and we’re keeping the same number hoping people think its the same game?

I only saw these trailers and assumed



Ya I know the first thumbnail isn’t soap I’m not stupid! 🙄

Saw some other videos commentaries from CoD-players playing the beta.
I haven’t played CoD for a long time so I couldn’t follow half of what they commented on in regard to detailed gameplay and other version/launches, but I recognized the maps from MW many years ago. I thought:”WTF? They could at least add some new maps!”. What I’ve seen, so far, is an upgraded and polished version of an old game.

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I just assumed they were adding the multiplayer side of the game 😁 they are bold enough to release one game in 2 parts years apart

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MW2 was already remastered like 2 years ago though. I remember people being like OMG TERMINAL

They added nu-COD crouch sliding and different gamemodes (?) so I’m confused. I thought it was a remake of a remaster or something, different game same title.
@Eshtion are there new guns and attachments?

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This is part the new series of modern warfare

It’s the sequal to the remake

So this is a full on new game, just with the same title.

It’s officially a remake however, but it reboots the entire story.

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Nostalgia sells I guess 😅

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This guy gives nice tips

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Look at them for five minutes and then compare them to real special forces from ANY nation. Then look up intimidating airsoft outfits

Ya he’s not joking lol



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Lol 😂🤣