Monster Hunter Stories 2

Anyone playing this? Makes Pokemon look really low effort. Lots of postgame content on the roadmap too.

Digimon is way better 🙃


Cyber Sleuth wasn’t even as good as the older DS games

Plus Stories is a free roam JRPG thing with co-op and pvp

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At least they actually talked and had cool evolutions and could go back to original form 😎

If you’re over the age of 30 and like pokemon…there is no hope for you.

Hey leave them alone, they call it a hobby now lol

I feel like the majority of people who like Pokémon are over 30. Cause it’s a generational thing. That’s the generation that grew up with it

good thing im not, the fun police is here.
gen 3 was the last good pokemon game.

yeah I only play mature adult games like cyberpunk that are complete disasters!
Stop playing video games at all you senior citizen. get a mature hobby like rock collecting

Yep digimon had the better plot by a mile.
Still waiting on Digimon:Survive

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Man I’m just watching this playlist and wondering how many evolutions of agumon lol