More boars easy fix

I play ft with my friends we win about 99% of games. I play pred and facesing good ft my winning chance is about 5%. So easy fix to balance the power rations is to increase boars on maps

That still won’t do anything but the boar spawn could be more consistent.

moar boars would help, actually. a number of times i’ve faced some rough teams and had to stop engaging because i was out of kits and boars weren’t spawning.


Yeah, that’s annoying especially since sometimes too many pigs spawn and sometimes not enough.

I think a Predator should replenish a healing kit if he claims a dead Fireteam member skull.

For example if you shoot a downed FT member to death with the Bow on the ground and then lose all your healing kits, you could come back later and claim his skull to replenish a healing kit. Doing this could add another healing kit onto your maximum also. Think of it like a Predator ammo crate.

Agree, also, there are times when the ft makes no damage and you get like 5 boars in each spawn location… That’s just dumb. The game should recognize if you need them or not. Even if you must go all the way to the opposite side of the map, but you should get them if needed.

  1. And also why the boars are usually where ft is when u scan? 2. And how annoying it is when hightech pred can not find the boars it had killed? that map is bad!

Hard disagree.

The game should just have a consistent system that garuntee’s pig spawns regardless of FT performance so that the predator isn’t punished for doing well.

I think a consistent 3 pack spawn at each compound would do well enough

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Oh, that’s even better definitely. I just thought it was nonsense that you get a lot when not needed and none when needed.

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I think Healing kits and Field syrettes should be mandatory gear and only have one time use, but replenish themselves about every 90 seconds.


I think healing should be balanced so that healing native to the map is enough to support a player and any additional healing is a bonus.

Both our idea’s solve the same issue but the reason why I support my idea is because it makes the base healing an additional item to think about rather than being gone from the formula when making a build.

It also forces native healing and makes that dynamic more impactful given their strict use.

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