More fancy cosmetic options

Ok, game landed on steam – you have more players coming in from 3 angles now, so financially stable if I may say?
Than give us some more fancy cosmetic options – swappable wrist blades (holsters with knifes) and plasma casters across all preds. I know this mechanic is already in game – on launch Jungle Hunter had Hunter’s default plasma caster and wristblades. For a long while there was a glitch that allowed you to swap those items between all pred classes in customization menus. So, technically it’s already in, dose not affect stats and will give us options to create some very unique designs… so why the hell not ;-) ?
@OldKingHamlet this request is not new, its been around for a while - is it at least possible to pass it on for consideration?


And thermals. And taunts. And clicks/roars. And cloak effects.

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I would love to have full mimicry wheel just from the movies. That’s maybe the easiest thing to add from all our request.

Predator (1987):

  • “Over here”
  • “Turn around”
  • “Anytime”

Predator 2 (1990):

  • “Shit happens”
  • “Danny boy”

We already have roars and “Want some candy?”, it would be nice to have more.


I’ve once suggested to re do the mimicry wheel system and change it to what F13 had for Jason kill animations. Basically all the lines from movies or comic books/games would be obtainable in game for XP or VR, than you colud customize your wheel in menus and have your favourite lines - that would also make every pred in game very unique


I would really like some different predlock options. Longer thin predlocks like Scar’s or the other youngbloods in AVP. Or shorter thick predlocks. Maybe a Bad Blood’s severed predlocks. What y’all think?

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I’d like the weapons for both Predator and fireteam to still be shown, rather than poof away. Smart disc and pistols are great examples.

I was thinking the combi stick can be on the right shoulder on the Pred like in AvP.


Which one looks better on my Elder?

Ahh good times

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I’ve been wanting the “Come on out morherfucker” on the mimicry wheel since launch.

I hope we can get customizable mimicry wheels in the future @OldKingHamlet .

Also I hope we’ll also get Apex (Predator from MKX) in the future as well. He sounded pretty cool.


Yup that one - I was begging you to show me how to recreat it XDDDDDD
To my best kwnolage its not working anymore?

Yeah those were the good old days were people though I was moving the game, or even having great photoshop skills.

I think I might be able to pull off the glitch again, but I haven’t tested it yet. If I do manage to re activate the glitch I’ll make a video of the step by step process, and post it.