More Predators!

Ok F.T you got yours now it’s our turn, introducing THE ELITE CLAN!

Now Illfonic bundle these bad boys within the game and they will sell like hot cakes!


Is it real, is it fake? Is it …SATAN???

or is it Santa Clause!

Maybe we could get some decent gear options and weapon variety, new perks that actually make a difference… the list is endless.


I wish we got this, the elite clan is one of my favorites

The Elite Clan was a group of legendary Elite Yautja who were just below the ruling Ancients in the Yautja hierarchy. The clan was led by Spartan. The Elite Clan often took in young unblooded Predators who wished to prove themselves worthy of membership and of carrying the title Elite. They had to prove themselves in combat against the Xenomorphs before they would be allowed to join the clan.

We don’t yet have an Elite Yautja Class…
I approve!


Technically Elder is a Elite, but I agree, a “Elite” would be cool, either a OC or one of the many Elites(Wolf, Berserker, Spartan, Alien Hunter, Dark, etc)

@ElderPreddy Just a few corrections:
-Elites are below Elders that are below Ancients, but above unblooded, youngbloods and blooded;
-Elites are more of a class, but there was a clan called “Elites” lead by Spartan(and later by Lord).

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ooh, eh…uh-huh.

Damn, I miss the old skool WWF

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