Mortal Kombat 1

I might buy a ps5 just to play this. It looks insane.

Scorpion and sub-zero r my fav characters

They may be the oldest characters but they still have goat status

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Im playing it right now been playing for days now

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Is it good

How diff is it from the Unjustice mechanics and experience? I played that to death.
The opening there in the video is a bit lazy if you ask me.
for 90 bucks? Jeebus. Looks like a crash grab. Did you hear Avengers game is on sale for 5 bucks?
It doesn’t tickle my fancy even at that price.

That’s just the creator’s weird intro thing

no i mean the big building thing. The levels in game look really nice. so as the details in the fights and animations. Good to see they didn’t skimp.

I can see MK1 worth it if it were 20-40 dollars. not the 90-120 that it is right now. thats absurd!
The whole video shows finishing the game with one character in 21 minutes at VERY HARD LEVEL! at least there are 16 characters.

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The towers have always been there, it’s part of mortal Kombat tradition but i can see why you would want a change. There are actually like 50-ish characters in all that will be released, it’s just that the devs want to make sure that the current ones work since the game just came out before they start releasing more/more complicated characters in the future

This guy got through the challenges super fast because he was posting “very hard/no rounds lost” videos when mk x came out, so he’s a veteran at the newer games

The reason the game is so expensive is probably because of the graphics upgrade, and yeah the details and animation smoothness that you mentioned that haven’t really been super noticeable in the past 2 games (x and 11). If you look up a ps5 and Nintendo switch graphics comparison for this game, you will see a disappointing difference

I’d certainly buy the game if it went on sale for maybe 15% off (i have never played mk, just watched ppl and it looks super fun). It’s like smash bros but on crack

Injustice 2 was phenominal but sadly its only worth its spectacle for however long you play it for. It will get old fast after you mastered one or two characters.

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I never played that but it looked cool

If you played injustice 2 then you’d prolly like this once more content and updates come out

Yeah its pretty good there are some things they still need to fix but other then that its good

i played avengers to its pretty fun but it gets boring after awhile

How about that Nintendo switch version?

Got my boy cage looking like a meth head

Shit wild af 😂🤣😂🤣





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He definitely looking like that guy on switch


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Bro looks like he’s sitting on the bridge of the Enterprise

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It’s Fukd up.

Reminds me of aliens colonial marines

That first chest popped scene

Wait 3 months, get it on G2A for 30 bucks or less

I main smoke and Kenshi, this game is so much fun and not like other fighting games.

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It sure is