Most Powerful Predator

Who is the most powerful/badass/elite/prestige Predator in all movies, games, comics, everything in your opinion?

I’ve got to put the likes of Scarface, Dark and Prince up there for me


Ahab, dude killed an engineer. After getting his ass beat, and he did it with his bomb, but still. I forgot to mention, he did this with only one eye.


He’s definitely a contender for sure.
Engineers are fuckin tanks😂


The Dr. Octopuss rip off

I haven’t read any of the comics, and i didn’t realise till like a month ago they exist. Can you like get them as an eBook or some shit? Or do you have to buy hard copies offa ebay?

Adding to the list Broken Tusk/Dechande and Smiley.

The Mortal Kombat Predator. Every other answer is wrong and would get clapped by the pred equivalent of sorcerer supreme.

He’s still out there hopping dimensions and planet wiping.


Damn I forgot about that lol fair point

Out of Raw Power/Feats?

Sister Midnight or the JL Predators.

Narrative wise? Scarface 100%.

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I don’t know who’s the most OP Pred in the franchise, but my favourite is Scar from AvP. Dude took down who knows how many Xenos and Queen while having chest burster in him.

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killed more xenomorphs than wolf, including the abomination

and he lived

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Dark is my favourite Pred and he is definitely up there as one of the most badass Predators ever. Heck, he literally went straight from Young Blood status to Elite, skipping out Blooded entirely 😂



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My socks smell like apples

Scarface or prince


The sex offender registry would agree with you, sonny boy~

With extra love,
Ol’ Herbert


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