Moving Forward with Content

First of all, I love the content we have so far. Predators have seen such love and attention, and I adore what we have. But, Fireteam hasn’t seen much TLC and I’d like to ask what people would like to see for Fireteam in the coming updates.

This is an excellent feedback topic, so, let’s brainstorm here with realistic requests and such. Ilffonic, I hope you’re watching! We are!

Drop your ideas below!

I think the best content will be predator related/maps.

What content can you add for FT besides cosmetics? More movie characters?

Best bet IMHO is adding xenomorphs and other species to hunt.

Try looking at the feedback section, you’re welcome to brainstorm any of the things I posted earlier. I’m actually very curious to see what people think of the potential new classes.

Better perks and more weapons for Ft would be nice. it would also be nice to reduce The damn time to play a predator, 15-30 min que is absurd.

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Tattoos. More hair types. Length and color options. More masks and weapon customization. Emotes that are silent. Need a way to play stealthy. Ability to put together booby traps or something. Maybe a new class like kapkan from seige where he can trap the trees or doorways. Also throwable that can be recovered like tomohawk and throwing knives. Bow. Claymores. Proximity mines. Only allowing certain classes to have access to certain weapons would really make the fireteam interesting. That’s why seige is fun. Every class has their own weaknesses and strengths.

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Maps before anything else. Then game modes. Then even more maps. Then useless cosmetics.

James Cameron has spoken.


I need Ripley in full mech suit armor

James Cameron played as Ripley driving a power loader this morning. It was moderately enjoyable. Arnold played as Dutch 87.

What if predator tech could be found randomly in a crate but once it was opened it had to be defused like the preds bomb. If it is diffused that fireteam member could now wear the armor and wristblades. Using the shoulder canon for that game and being able to cloak would be fun as a fireteam member. Or finding the smart disc for a melee weapon and making it double the knife damage.

The only thing i want more next to maps and nightmode are more ChatWheel options that relate to gameplay movement/formation/tasks/ subtle stuff. Then New FT characters like Issabella or Nolan or Royce…

@Novacaine116 Sounds like you want a pred vs pred mode.

Or FT vs Stargazer mode where they have to fight over the tech that would be scattered across the map. It would be the predators job (think wolf predator) to recover the tech and activate his fallen brother’s wrist computer to destroy the crashed ship and all evidence that a predator was there. Whichever team gets more tech or survives wins.

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Fireteam Cosmetics and hopefully Dutch 87 are coming soon. But Maps and Game Mode are on the top of the list for now.

Yea I think this game can offer multiple different game modes. Even a shooter game of capture the flag with limited respawns and throw in a predator or 2 in the mix to make it interesting. I know this is a asymmetrical game but it’s also a shooter. The more they can offer the more it can draw more players in. Having something for everyone would expand the player base.