Mr. Black issues

Hi, @Kassinaillia

I’ve just played a match with Mr. Black and within 2 minutes, I could not sprint, climb trees or quick claim. Not sure about anything else yet, as it was one match.


Oh no, could not just be with mr. black

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Shooting the plasma caster should fix this


Yes im serious

Shooting the plasma caster should fix not being able to sprint, climb trees and claim? Well, ok, I’ll try it, but I remain unconvinced.

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If it doesn’t work, you must whip yourself with a handful of wet spaghetti for being a Lying-liarson who lies about lying!

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Could you demonstrate via video? For research purposes only…

Which? The bugs, the plasma caster correction of said bugs or the pasta abuse?

Specifically the pasta abuse. Already passing on the Mr. Black issues

It worked for the last year or so i doubt it wont now

What’s it worth to you? A gifted paid Dlc of the next Pred? Cuz I’ll beat the shit out of myself with noodles if it’s Wolf


They cant give us any AVP content due to licensing issues

Damn it! Then hopefully it’ll be some semblance of Royce on either team!


Have you been able to reproduce this issue within the last few weeks?

No. Because I haven’t been able to play at all these last 17 days.