Multi-Pred/ Big Hunt Mode Idea

I been sitting on this idea for awhile, and now with content coming back to the game I feel the chances of a mode like this happening can be rekindled. I drew a mock-up of a multi-Pred mode to give the idea of what the intro to a mode like this can be like, and I’ll also go into detail of what the mode can entail. Would love to see what others think and hear out other ideas. What I’m thinking is a Predator team consisting of 3 players versus 12 Fireteam members (3 squads). The mode would have it’s own large map, or 2, OR just using the larger maps we have already, OR pieces some of the maps together like a puzzle - if that’s possible. The mode would begin with the 3 squads being separated from each other. Game starts showing 3 choppas flying overhead, Long Tall Sally Intensifies lol, then they get hit by plasma bolts and all crash in different areas of the jungle. Upon landing all primary weapons are destroyed and Fireteam members are left with only their secondaries. In order to resupply, they have to find weapons crates through the map. This is to make it so that now everyone can load up with the most OP weapons and setups, and can encourage team play and stealth early on. The goal then for the Fireteam would be to find and fix a satellite to radio in an evac, or to find parts to repair the radios in one of the 3 downed choppas. Stealth is encouraged if you want to evac, but hunting down the Predators is also a viable option. As the Predators, your objective is simple - hunt down all Fireteam members. Second Wind would still be available, but arming the bomb would only be available to the last Predator standing. I’d love to hear feedback on the idea, I think it’d be really fun. EDIT: I can’t upload the image lol it’s too big, will add link later.


Cool ideas. I really want a big hunt mode too.

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