Multiple Feedback

some suggestions tho for future updates:

  1. Provide the option to change the devil’s eye’s colors when activating cloak, the option to change the plasma caster sound, the option to change the decloaking sound, & the option to change the sound of the predator’s roar.

  2. Shuriken. Double shurikens & double shoulder plasma casters would be cool.

  3. City & Winter maps. Not sure if snows would affect cloaking tho as the snow would rest on a cloaked predator.

  4. increase the number of fireteam members to 6 or 8.

  5. human skins of the rest of the predator 1987 cast members. also skin of fugitive predator, wolf predator & kagero predator. would be cool if it’s possible to change not just the mask, but also the armor of the predator in customization, like samurai armor on the hunter class or berserker class.

  6. Increase the katana slash speed. The katana is too slow. No samurai hit at such speed.