my dreamed 15 players game mode

the dream for the 15 player mod would be a 7v7v1 mode
a commando team would compete with a stargazer team
with in the middle of all this a predator who takes advantage of the chaos to hunt or even to do some objectives
it should especially not be inspired by the pvp of the 4v4 game mode. We do not die immediately if we are downed ,if an allies shoot down the enemy before they finish us, we could be relieved (the auto revive would finally be useful if you want to play alone as a flanker or as a sniper who could not be relieved if he is put on the ground) This kind of role would be risky ,moving alone while the predator is perhaps near you is the best way to die,using mud regularly would be very important and move with precotions and not run like crazy in the middle of the roads.

A real strategy could be put in place, we are in fucking jungles (but also pvp in the sawmill or in the village near the water would also be very pleasant) ambushes are largely possible and taking strategic positions would really make sense
almost all the equipment would also be useful currently grenades, smokes and sound decoys have almost no use in hunting. It would have a real interest , throwing smokes before moving to not be shot like a rabbit or to throw grenades at the opposing positions to get them out or to be able to move forward a little without being shot when they have a strategic position .
Moreover, the marking should not be known by the enemies to allow greater discretion
a ranger with the perks trackers can currently mark for a dozen seconds the predator .It should be the same way for players ,knowing the position of ennemi’s players is a huge advantage.The ranger / scout would have limited interest to shoot to not betray his position and be able to offer a tactical advantage to your team and wait for the right moment to open fire

and meanwhile the predator would be the unforeseen factor.
of course this game mod would be longer (i don’t know how much but atleast 15min)

teamworks would have a real taste just like playing the predator would be insane

  • it would not only be a simple attack vs defend game mod but also 2 team who compete for an objectives (like find a predator tech somewhere on the map) they would have to find clues in certain positions to know where is the objective
    they should add 1 more respawn point (one for each team) i don’t know how to make respawn better in this game mod i’m pretty sure if most of one team get kill they while eather get hunted by the team who won the fight or they will just take a lead to the objective
    but in that case scout and ranger has an other job they are faster or a playing alone so they can leave a lost fight to rush the respawn point (every team should know where is their respawn point) like this the ennemy team wont know where they are and on the other side it would aslo be the job of the scout and ranger to see were are those who runned away or to catch them

i also think new maps are the top prio

i’m still thinking on what could be done to make this game mod possible/better
i will add other idea later

This is an idea.

I feel the ideas we are giving illfonic such as bigger game modes, will NEVER happen.

The game has been out for a year, terrible community communication.

They are probably finishing up and beginning a new project to get away from this game.

They even mentioned on their social media, the communities 2 v 6 mode, is something that isn’t a possibility to balance.

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i’m afraid the 15 player game mod while be a battle royal :’(

  • at this point i don’t think balance should prevent it from happening if it’s fun and interactive it’s already that it can be upgraded later (just like the normal game mod)

So do the Preds get a massive Health boost cause 14 players gonna melt that pred then just fight each other

i think it’s better to reduce all his noice and to give him more healing/and healing speed he’s is suposed to stalk and wait an opportunity (and i think there will be opportunity , fireteam can’t be watching at the predator all time, in gun fight they wont)

That’s not the problem.

It’s the company who made this game.

They will not use our ideas in their game.

Only ideas THEY think will make them the most money.

I’m saying save your ideas so they don’t take them and use it for another game.


The fact that you said grenades have no use just shows you have no idea how to play. Lol

I didn’t come here to mess with anyone about how we felt about the game
everyone has there play style but you can’t denied that in a game mod like this they would be much more usefull

Oh hell no
I’m fine with clash i hate it but it’s tolerable
A battle royal and this game is going into the dumpster and getting set on fire

The plot of 2010 Predators is a battle royale…

Parachute or fall from the sky, fend for yourself against wildlife and preds, or team up and escape in a limited capacity space ship.

They all just decided to team up and fight off the Predators.

If they took the plot of that movie and made it into a game mode, add lore and story to it, would be amazing.

Who the hell even wants a battle royale mode? Or are they wanting to jump on the train that gaming seems to have done , “look at fortnite , we can do that and be popular” . Fortnite wasn’t the first to do it but fuck , it certainly started something 😄

My point above might convince you

Would actually make for more of a Predator experience than you think.

Would borrow elements from F13 (finding pred tech to escape said pred planet)

Hunt aspects of ft and Pred cat and mouse stuff we already have.

Big map.

Multiple preds.

Would be dope xD

there is already near all stuff needed to create a battle royal
there is already case for weapon
big map
if they realy want one they can do it in less than a week it would be lazy but it’s possible

I have zero faith that illfonic could pull that off , they done one map in 12 months giving four maps in total , which each one has its own set of bugs and they cant even get the basics to work (like climbing a tree) . Even the fucking aliens hair acts like it has taken a handful of ecstasy and is attending a rave ffs

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if they want to do a game mod like this they would need a shit load of time to make it
exclusive alien map , a much more different balance,…
it’s already hard enought for them to add new stuff for hunt
it would take so much time to do this game mod and it would slow down alot hunt new content
your idea is great but it’s super hard to do it
while with my idea you can use the basic map and the balance of hunt wouldn’t be realy different from a this game mod so they can work on both of them without having to make much more effort
so they can focus on the real prb the lack of map and both game mod would use them

Knowing illfonic , the parachutes wouldn’t even open half of the time and instant death , like that poor fuck at the start of predators . Look at the mess of clash , when it dropped it was pretty much unplayable

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Imagine if that was a possibility, you land with reduced health cause your chute didn’t open properly.

Like the movie!

Fucking hell why am I not on this development team…

Oh yea, I’m just a gaming pleb xD

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Because that’s a shite idea 😁 , starting at a disadvantage that others don’t. If its caused through player error that is one thing , but randomly? I dont imagine people being happy about it 😄