My favorite boy

not gonna lie i have a weak for the alpha predator used in a more aggresive maner, still a fun game gg wp @Jaya_Soames


I still hope we one day get his spear and Shuriken to get the full experience


For editing do you use the stuff youtube provides or something different?

Also I like how you use the bear trap 👌


i unfortunetly do not have anything for edit my video so i posted them directly, fully raw on youtube, (THAT TAKE A LONG ASS TIME ) i wish i ad window maker, even if that was trash that was good enough for me


Great game, but that music is annoying as fuck.

Baby metal is wierd… But it’s still metal 🤘🤘

eh i couldn’t not enjoy the PHG music, cutting every two second and buggy so i ad to change that

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