My Feedback on Update 2.19.

Well, bringing a new map was good.
However, I see that we had a much greater number of Fixes in the gameplay, than the addition of new content to the Game.
Offering the 4 classes (Viking, Samurai, Valkyrie and City Hunter) plus 3 masks and some mask paintings is too little for a paid DLC.
Adding the new mask to City Hunter just strengthens my opinion that this is the best predator class in the game! He has absolutely everything that makes it a complete predator!
But I was disappointed to see that only the Berserker mask was added.
The Berserker class needed to be defined to be the same as the movie!
Thus, we would not have a male and a female Berserker Predator. Just the Berserker from the movie.
These Paintings in the Masks of the Predators had to be something Customizable.
Something we could do manually.
I don’t particularly use any. I think it is totally unnecessary. I don’t remember seeing any Predators in the Movies with these Paintings on the Masks.
The only thing that appeared similar to this, was in AVP when one of the Predators made a Mark on their Mask with the Acid of the Aliens.
But I respect those who like it, and use it on their Predators. It is the same as the Paintings on the Soldiers’ Faces. Another thing that could be Customizable.
I think one thing that needs to be added is an option of whether or not to use Predator Masks. But without the Masks, we could not use Thermal Vision. Because it’s cool to see the Predator without the Mask too.
I think the Game needs more Content for the Soldier and Predator Classes that are not 100% Customizable.
The two versions of “Dutch”, the OWLF Agent, Dante, Samurai, Viking, Valkyrie, Alpha, Elder, City Hunter too, Everyone needs more Exclusive Items!.
It is annoying that these classes do not become more unique.
And thinking that we can now set up Private Matches in a better way, I don’t know why we still can’t freely choose the Missions we want to do on each Map.
In Quick Matches, OK, it doesn’t matter what the map is or what mission the FT will do. But in Private Matches, where we play with our friends, knowing exactly who we are playing with, we can freely choose the missions we want to do.
It’s simple. When choosing the map, just list the missions on that map and choose one.
Another thing I’ve been asking for a while!.
We need to have more freedom in the choice of weapons for predators and in the choice of weapons for soldiers!.
Pistols and Knives must be a Standard Weapon for ALL Classes of Soldiers. As with Predators, the Pulse Blades and the Plasma Cannon are Standard for All Classes.
But the Primary and Secondary Weapons need to be Free Choice.
I don’t think we should be able to use, for example, 2 Assault Rifles.
But if, for example, I want to take only one shotgun, that’s all I’ll take.
If I don’t want to take a Weapon, just a Pistol and a Knife, that’s all I’m going to take!.
If I want to with the Predator, use only the Pulse Blades and the Plasma Cannon, that’s all I’m going to use.
This makes Hunting and Combat more challenging!.
And lastly, I think it was very good to add another daily challenge to get more VT.
But I think this can get better.
As the Game was Launched a 1 Year, and the XP Score does not increase the Level any further (We are stationed at Level 150), at the End of the Mission, we could receive a Generous Amount of VT.
Or Perhaps an amount of more than VT will be added according to the Order that FT Soldiers are being Eliminated.
And the Predator should also be able to collect VT. After all, it is a material from the Predators themselves.
VT is only used to Buy Field Cases and Customizable items.
So, what is the reason for Limiting VT Gain ?.
The ideal would be to Earn 10,000 VT for example per Mission Completed.

Predator used to be able to collect VT. It was removed to incentivize playing FT and was weird thematically anyway since pred shouldnt have downtime to be VT farming.

This was a balance patch IMO and the best we’ve had seeing as it evened out specializations.

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No, thats too much. More like 500 -1000V. shouldnt be more than the minimal average of a FT mission.
or like i suggested in a previous post, 1 Field Locker or 2. But ones enough for me.


So, as the game was released more than a year ago, there is no reason to limit the gain of Veritanium.
If the Predator can also collect, it won’t make a difference.
It is not because the Predator will be able to collect, that players will stop playing as FT soldiers.

As for what was added to the patch, I noticed that we received a lot of adjustments in the gameplay.

But I confess that I was disappointed that there was no more content added to celebrate 1 year of release.

But I ask again:

What is the Reason to Limit Veritanium Gain ?.

Now, as it has been a year since launch, those who are playing, probably still have customizable items to unlock.

Mythical Trophies, for example, are found only in Field Lockers.

So now the VT Gain can be greater.

More cosmetics and mythics to be released?

Pred collecting VT instead of hunting was silly anyway as pred doesnt really have downtime.

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But Winning More Veritanium does not hinder the launch of New Cosmetics and New Mythic Trophies.

The Predator can collect VT. It is just another mode of gain.

If you are hunting a team and are in a camp different from where the team is, and you find VT there, why can’t the Predator collect ?.

You know that Mr Black was the Hunter in that Movie right? Tusk was the Bezzerk!

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But what I’m talking about is that Predator Berserker should look like the one in the movie.

It shouldn’t be a 100% Customizable Class.

With Male and Female option for example.
It should look like the movie:


That’s a different race of Yautja tho.

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Yes, I know that he is different.
But this is Berserker.
It should be like that in the Game too.
Despite being of a different race, it would be much cooler to have this Berserker than what we have in the game.

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I think there should be a version of this race for each class.

I think in the comic books there’s regular Yautja’s known as berserkers too but that’s only if they take some type of liquid thing that makes them go nuts/Berserk lol

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I don’t remember other Berserkers Predators.
Only Predators considered “Bad Blood”.

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Field medic still need to be addressed. As do those fucking auto spot things. Two field medics (or more) spamming those things is broken and fucking toxic as shit.

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