WOOOOOW ITS FINALLY HERE!!! THATS RIGHT YALL!!! This is my first ever Voice Acting video I did along side the amazing kingnitrozeus_yt !!! My character is GILLIMUS, a sword wielding badass from what I was told.

Come check it out here as I am found around the 22:04 area^^

Though I’d suggest watching the 1st Episode to know what’s going on:


Voice acting? I don’t quite follow, there are no voices in first video. There are sounds, but not voices.

There a character called Gilf. Lol


Edit: there are voices in part 2.

Is this original writing or a video version of a comic. Xenomorphs from 2 million years ago?

I like like the art style, though it’s a bit messy. Neo-Picasso.

Dilivery needs work, but it’s entertaining. Voice acting sounds hard.

All in all, congratulations. It’s an ambitious undertaking and a good start.

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Yeah the first episode is more so a digital comicbook, but to answer your question yes this is a original story created by a fan who asked me to VA in it. I wasn’t one to voice act because I never did it & because I really hate my voice, I can agree with you on the art style for sometimes it’s hard to make out what’s drawn but I love it regardless especially my character.

I’m glad you enjoyed though!^^

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Thanks for there reply.

I think there’s ways to make your voice sound more to your liking, though i dont know how. But you hear actor and impersonators so there is a way. Which famous voices do you like?

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I like Mark Hamill! He has excellent range

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Agreed. Yes fantastic. It feels as if it’s natural, but i bet he still had to work at it.

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Especially his Joker impression

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Agreed, feels very natural. It’s so good that is almost troubling that he does it so well.

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Want that signed buddy lol
Might be worth something in the future