My Gripe with Colonial Marines Attire @JamesCameron

Just occured to me how unreliable the colonial marines in Aliens had been designed. Like they didn’t look like they were dressed to perform. Looked like they had surplus from the vietnam war and basically had some protection against wear and tear. They weren’t ready to be weather proof, their head gear was all over the place with backwards ball caps. They weren’t protected on their arms as they wore t-shirts or tank tops. Their padding only showed that it protected them from their own smartguns weighing down on them or whatever they could scrounge up from a paintball store.
Basically these guys were what gamers pretend to be in an online multiplayer PVP game with attitudes included and customizable.

I mean the real protected soldiers were probably WY agents wearing ape suits. At least the Fireteam got it right with some of their AR gear and other such stuff that came from Mass Effect body suit designs.

Look at you @James-Cameron and what you did you fool!


They looked cool though and have achieved legendary status. Much like James Cameron himself.

You unfortunately will be forgotten. But James Cameron will remember you forever.

Why do you have to say thing like that to me. You hurt my fearlings. :( mass sad.

James Cameron is willing to forget the unpleasantness.

then will you help me do illegal things?