my idea for a 15 player game mod (we still have the right to dream , right ?)

it’s not the first time i give this idea (well in fact since the 15 player game mod has been datamined more than 1 years ago, i’m thinking about this game mod and i posted sometime this my possible concepts .But it’s only the first time i post it in the feedback channel i should have started their it’s more appropriate than the general channel technically XD)

so a 15 player game mod has been datamined since a long time now. it’s called gauntlet so there is already a lot of chance to be disapointed :’(. Some month ago i was thinking about a unique game mod for this game but sadly it was clearly not possible at all because there was not enough player (It’s was 10 min minimum to get a pred game)

the game still have a decent player base thanks to the free month on psn .But they didn’t take advantage of this second chance to save the game and we are getting closer to a vegetative state again (they fucked so hard the steam release . It was maybe to hard to do a free week with 50% reduc . No one want to purchase a one years old game with mixed reviews at full price . If it was possible to test it for a week and then there was a reduc i’m sure it would have worked .)

my idea for a 15 player game mod would be a 7v7v1 . 1 fireteam vs a stargazer team . don’t forget that actualy the 4v4 game mod has shorter waiting time the 5 player game mod , so this kind of game mod where 2 team compete against each other seem to please a large part of the community.

it would not be a boring defend/attack game mod . Both team need to find some lost predator tech on the map it would be something like the secondary objective it can spawn anywhere (but it’s hidden, like there is flora on it to hide it) It would not spawn at the start but after sometime (maybe after one of the team find the first clue) to find the area in which the objectives has spawned both team need to find clues in specific area moslty guérilleros’s base ( clues reduce the area of the map where the objectives is at the start of area of search would be gigantic but it would reduce at the end to a more precise area) The ai in this mod need to be much more numerous (maybe there could be only the strongest kind of AI to make it a bit more difficult) the alarm need to be more punitive.

right now praticly no one use anymore suppressor . No one is interested in playing discreetly anymore.

in a mod like this where you need to care about not being spotted by the ennemy team suppressor are interesting , you don’t want to get caught and attacked in the back by the enemy team while you are clearing a base.

when a team find the objetives they need to extract it . It would be just like for those mission when you need to extract with the chopper something . It can’t be a normal extraction where the team need to wait for the strings because it would be to easy for the ennemy team to just wait for it . So if we only need to extract the objective to win their will be a final fight to recover/protect it. they could even give us the choose between different place to extract (is it worth to rush the closest ?Or maybe we should go to the one far away because i know this place is better to def ,…)

both team have a respawn point they both know their own respawn point .

If a team get eliminated by the other it’s not over for them, each team can respawn one time but if no one call for reinforcement the respawn time is longer like this the winning team can get the upper hand with objectives.

right now there is enough map to create a game mod like this (and there is a new one datamined that should come soon) they are big and each are pretty diffferent from the other . It would be pleasent to ambush the other team in those kind of map waiting all hidden waiting the perfect timing to unleash all or firepower ^^. On the other hand you can’t be as uncarful as most player are in the classic game mod you need to be attentive and sneeky.

every class would have new utility

of course Dutch and assault would not change that much they are the bread and butter of the game they can do many thing but they are not excellent everywhere.

the support with his team based perks and all his gears would be really important for the team with field medic is the best to revive a downed team mate in the middle of a fight.

recon and mosltly snipers have a much more different gameplay they can play as a lone wolf to get a better position for a fight or to spot the ennemy team and marking the ennemy for their team . But care , if you are not quiet you are exposed alone.

scout can use their speed and endurance for flanking , scouting , or to find and eliminat those pesky snipers or those who want to flee. They are also the best with the recon to run away to their respawn point to call for reinforcement if their team is getting killed they are the fastest class of the game and with their lone wolf play style they can quit a fight without getting noticed saving their team from a possible lost . but just like the recon lone wolf are easy prey for the predator so be careful .

some gear would also get much more utility . Flashbang ,grenade and smoke are not really usefull right now against the predator but against other human they are and the other team is your main threat . imagine you get ambushed by the ennemy team and they have a better positon you can break their line of sight with smoke flashbang or grenade and win sometime to reposition . the auto-revive also get some utility in this game even more for lone wolf , if they get downed they can be to far from their team or their team can’t come so getting downed is a game over for a lone wolf except with an auto-revive . The U.A.V scanner could also be super good in a game like this.

your probably wondering now , what about the predator. Well there is not that much to say about the predator . In that game mod the predator will truly be the disruptive element of the mission . He’s only ir to get trophy and to ruin your plan . taking advantage of the chaos to kill . In the main game mod the predator is the only threat so decent player are super attentive and are looking for him so the element of surprise is rarely usefull . In this game mod your main threat is the ennemy team you can’t be looking for the predator all time . It would require more patience and skill to win as a the predator than in the normal game , dunkey that just rush and complain they get erased wont have their place in this game mod if they don’t want to learn. But it would be really pleasant to play him. He need some change like they could reduce the pred noise (when he walk on tree , they can reduce his noise and when he stand still he don’t do noise) stealh would be super important to sneak and lurk around to wait for an opportunity

I probably forgot some point while I was writing and i didn’t put all the idea i had because this post is already to long (ty if you are still ir XD) . There is also some problem for a game mod like this ( the fact that most of the players are potatoes that don’t want to work as a team for example) But i do belive a game mod like this would be unique and interesting .

i’m pretty sure this is not the first idea for the 15 player game mod you have seen so far . 3v12 for exemple was a pretty common post few month ago and many of us were kinda super disapointed to see most of the super predator come out but not with 3v12 game mod :’( . But i’m sadly sure we wont get something as fun or deep as those ideas

sadly if they are truly working on a 15 player game mod they already have their own idea and they might have well progressed . So there is near no way for something like this to happen :’(
(well if their idea is an other lazy game mod then we will have all those cool idea that could have happened but didn’t XD)


welcome to the sad graveyard of the Hunt:Showdown Predators mode we’ll never get.

That might actually get this game some players and we can’t have that.

bro, it will be funny :3

I haven’t read even half of it, too much rubbish for nothing, because of the title I think it’s something that should already be in the private game creation, this game is poorly done and it’s getting worse