My ideas for balance

@Kassinaillia please pass on these idea’s to the team If you like them.

In my opinion, if the predators stealth is improved and it takes two fireteam members to do the damage that one can do right now then the balance would be fine in my opinion.

I think that their should be more gear options for both predator and fireteam, also make it so that the smoke grenades make it so the ai can’t see fireteam if they are in the smoke, also I don’t think their should be a limit to how many perks that the predator cam equip, because if you go off the lore, then predators should be able to “train” and adapt new skills/abilities.

The movement for predator and fireteam should be made so they can mantle over stuff and predator should be able to change weapons mid air. When the predator is running they should be able to aim with a range weapon while they are running but it would be harder to aim.

Thanks for reading this, I hope to see these ideas in the game.

It doesn’t really fit this style game but I feel like a skill tree would be nice for the predator

That would actually be a really cool idea. And what part do you think doesn’t fit the game style?

skill trees feel more like a single player horror/thriller/action game

What if their was a skill tree instead of perks, and everytime you level up you get another skill point that you can use to customize your predator. (If you play elder scrolls it’ll be sorta like that.)
Also didn’t you say in your last post that a skill tree would be nice for predator.

Actually, never mind on the skill tree.

Different claim animations would be nice, maybe for different skills/predator or different scenarios like if your crouched or smth

They’re not changing shit

Probably right, but still have a little bit of hope left, and depending on the next update I might just stop hoping for anything new.

So a skill tree for different claims?

Man I think we crossed that bridge with Wolf. What a tragedy that update was. It just keeps getting worse

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Honestly if wolf came with 2 plasma casters or something new, it would have bin a…decent update. And again your right, it just keeps getting worse.

no, kinda like takedowns from cod, different customizable claim animations or claim animations that only activate after certain requirements are met, like claimed while crouching and behind enemy back activates a cool throat slit and decapitation animation

he isn’t even missing his eye, while not missing but it isnt white

That sounds good, and it would give predator something new to claim.

Honestly, I got over the fact that wolf doesn’t have his netting or his ICONIC WHITE EYE that is UNIQUE to only him.

now that i think about it, every update has been worse, maybe if they actually try to fix things it will be fucked up even more

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Maybe 😆.

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at least he is missing a mandible

Yep. At least they got 2/3 facial features correct.