My In Game Currency Is Gone!

I bought the dlc for the predator pack which unlocks the predator breathing mask right? If so, I couldn’t equip it to my character. When I bought the dlc, the Breathing Mask was unlocked which made me think I could now equip it. When I try to equip it however, it won’t work. I saw to the side “Press and hold square to unlock” so I did. When I did this, all of my in game currency that I spent hours for was gone. I had nearly 25,000 in game currency. I can’t exactly remember the amount but I had around 24,600 in game currency. I was saving it so I could customize my Alpha Predator once I’ve earned him, now I cannot. Please help me, that is very disheartening to lose all those hours of game time. I await your response.

I’m sorry I stole it and spent it on hookers and blow.
Sounds like you bought something.

Not sure.

You can go into a private match by yourself And farm vt that way tho.


Again? Will time for an intervention …of more hookers and blow.

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Ok, so I think you bought the Predator mask dlc pack, which only gives you early access to them, but you still had to purchase them with in game currency. However the City Hunter rebreather was already made public by the time you got it, so IllFonic played you on that one.

It’s a shitty business practice, but they’ll keep doing it because it means you pay them an extra however much it was for something that was already unlockable. Both ways you would have needed to have the in game currency to purchase it, but with the dlc pack you just paid IllFonic, the worst devs in the history of Predator, more money for nothing in return.

All the “early access” crap is available , apart from the busted disc skin

Oh shit more ammo for us!

I doubt it , there isn’t many people left who actually care enough mate