My last honoring of the GOAT

There was a myth a legend a god amongst us in the PS Community and I dont really see any more talk about him( there could be a reason ;) )
But u are probably asking yourself who is the behemoth of a player?

Well the answere is more of a saying than a name:

“Davy still gets em, Davy still gets em!!!”

This inspirational quote was created in the time of 2020-2021 by a certain group of players which you could call the deciples of Davy.

Not just that Davy would also plant a seed of fear in every opponent by rocking the quote:

Mess with the best, die like the rest!

So in 2023 I want to say thanks, thanks for all the testing of builds, thanks for teaching all the players movement and positioning and a lot of useless facts. And finally thanks for all the trash talk !

Love StUrMi



I do like some jerky

Goes well with my camping snacks like trail mix and moonshine.


that’s something from when i was a student and riding a bike

Mass with the best die like the rest!

This is a nice sentiment. As to answer where I went. I went to go get a life. But its nice to know you are still my best buddy internet troll. Its people like you that keep my name alive. Thank you. ^^

My man I have quit this gaming bs and got a life, it’s just nostalgia for the most part and english practice ;)

@Cptclutch117 introduced me to Cell-Tech and since then I have become a big boy



Im happy for you. Just be careful with that stuff. It causes kidney damage if used incorrectly.

I would suggest you make the most of your happiness. Im glad you still remember me thought. Cheers on achieving your goals. Just remember I dont really want the shout-outs nor need them. So keep it at a minimum. Please and thank you.