My target is missing

I’m not sure if this is a bug or I’m messing things up somehow, but playing private match I can’t reach my target. I suppose it’s the one with the skull so I follow it, killing anything in between. When I reach the skull there’s no target, no soldier, no nothing. I make sure I kill everything in the area, skull is still there and I circle around like 5 minutes till time is up.
What’s going on?

I don’t think anyone in here understands what your problem is, no videoclip? no pictures?

Why you need videoclip for something so simple? Or should I ask, are you that simple not understanding I can’t finish my mission because there’s no available target?

Ok, good luck with the mission.

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The game hates you, it hates everyone.


I honestly think this guy is playing tutorial.

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Do you want to believe that I thought the same thing? but he answered Riki in a bad way, that’s why I didn’t write it.


I believe you.

As of yesterday… I am officially a wizard!!!