My thoughts on new OWLF tapes (I now have them all)

I’ve would have been more content if Dutch used the suit to fight Cleopatra to level the playing field seeing how they are playing her up to be this super badass Predator that no one can fuck with. Have the suit be destroyed in the end that way at least it isn’t a total joke and make it somewhat useful. Hell, even with the nanotechnology alone can bring up possibilities for advancing technology and yet Keyes ignored that shit? Do they not remember the Veritanium metal that we’ve been collecting around the game? Ya know, the one that is an alloy of both Human and Predator metal that is stronger and denser than both? Can’t think of using that in future nanotech based Veritanium armor for OWLF or at least replacing the shit metal on the Predator Killer suit?

I dislike the idea of the suit but it also makes Predators even more incompetent and stupid if they have this advanced technology and yet the suit is a supreme piece of shit garbage. They already look dumb for trying to hunt kids for their autism and now trying to give us a suit that doesn’t even work? They didn’t even think of using the same metal that makes up their armor when they go hunting? It just makes Predators look worse in the end. At least just say they can’t make the darn thing work longer than 23 seconds because of how advanced it is and I would have been fine with that. Outright saying that its trash just makes Predators look outright terrible.

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Imagine you’re in a lab about to be decomissioned for the second time because you kept showing the gov some shards of metal and swords with no practical application you got off of 3 pred bodies instead of the fucking nanomachines??


They shouldn’t have touched anything in that movie with a 9 ft pole now we’re stuck with something worse.

The point of expanded or extended media is to play with things you can’t ordinarily do in the mainline series. As much as things are bad, if given the opportunity you do have the opportunity to course correct while playing with your own take on it. The Star Wars Prequel spin offs did this to great effect fleshing out the universe to make it so the Prequels had some merit. Yeah the films are still bad, but looking back you can appreciate the story more knowing more about the characters than what the films initially offered. It’s an opportunity to elevate the material and all Illfonic managed to do was fuck it up more.

The Predator Killer is probably the series most awkward moment but you could’ve used that by connecting something like with Cleopatra or even Dutch using it to take her on. Alternatively the log could’ve done something so later writers have the opportunity to do something with it later. Perhaps something happened to the suit which led to it being put in storage. Or maybe it went missing with meaning the OWLF can’t use it be it taken by Stargazer or the Predators retrieved it. This is the chance to fix things and Illfonic did this;

It’s a complete writing failure which makes the film look worse and Illfonic incompetent writers and developers because they can’t figure out how to make a robot suit fun or figure out how to shuffle it off screen without talking down to the audience.

If anything the medium here is far better suited for this sort of thing and devs can’t figure out how to make a potential Predator or Fireteam class fun. Then why even bring it up?

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You can’t just replace the nano material without understanding how it works, taking shape and returning to the gauntlet.

I would love to see an expansion of the lore surrounding Veritanium.

keyes son in lone wolf mode how working man in the instalations? Or peter dad how police playing with mike harrigan?

Wait, but I did address this? Well if I wasn’t clear enough, I will elaborate: The nanotech alone would have drawn many scientists to study this and then learn how to replace the metal with Veritanium once they get the gist of how the suit works. Or at least make their own variation on it.
Having OWLF soldiers with Veritanium power armor based on Predator nanotechnology would actually bring more even ground with future Predator encounters. An edge that is something that Keyes himself said humanity needs if there is going to be a war with the Predator race.

@Finessology I would step one up on that and say imagine being a dumbass government that is going to decommission an organization that has hardcore proof of alien life that not only exists but is hostile and hunting humans for sport, and not only retrieving said technology but also making it to our uses like the Plasma Rifle Prototype, medical achievements like extending health and lifespan, but being the only organization that is trying to do something about said hostile alien race in the benefit of humanity…for the second time.

The government in their universe is even dumber than the ones we got. Even Keyes mentioned in the earlier tapes that there is so much OWLF can do besides military weaponry that can benefit so many people like said medical achievements. Plus, since Isabelle arrived in a Predator ship, now they can look at interstellar travel and other cool things they can learn from it now its in their possession. But nah, shut down OWLF because reasons.


Okay. That’s a fair point. I think they just wanted to sweep it under the rug, as it was a terrible idea in an even more terrible movie.

Which surprised me as they could have taken this mistake and make it at least workable somehow like they did with Stargazer but guess not. Lore wise, having an elite team of OWLF soldiers with Predator nanotech Veritanium armor that conceals their body heat like the current suits do lead by Dutch, Dante, and Isabelle sounds badass as hell.

Hell, I can fix this mistake right now and have Dutch say to Keyes that if he really wants to help in fighting Cleopatra, find out how that nanotech works so they can make a workable version of that armor. Not one with rockets or giant plasmacasters, but one that boosts in protection, heat concealment, and physical abilities. The fight is now even, there, yall can have that for free!

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One way they could’ve explained it is that the Predator killer is a test bed model. Essentially that the heroes could test their equipment utilizing the Predator killer with it approximating what they have. So the heroes could then go out with Predator gear loadouts knowing how to interface with it and testing it via the suit. That way Illfonic could if not liking the design redo it with a more classic bent to it in order to make it more presentable. It’s not the actual suit but suits made from Veritanium and Predator gear collected over the years with the suit teaching the scientists at the OWLF how to do it.

Another option is make this the body armor for Cleopatra and Fugitive ran off with the suit and while Cleo wont use it when she arrives, Fugitive enabled the OWLF to study her tech to get an edge on her.

The logs insinuate Sean getting in on the action making him our fourth Fireteam member. This is how you do it. Use the Predator Killer with Sean in order to explain how he can fight a Predator. He may or may not use the full suit but you can turn a bad idea into a good one by explaining how you can get Sean into the Jungle and actually be competent.

Two ways to do it with Predator are;

  • McKenna has joined with Stargazer giving the FT a chance to hunt down McKenna giving a sort of catharsis for the fourth film by enabling the player to break it ourselves. McKenna wouldn’t be a Predator but it’d be a usage of the suit.

  • Should they not get Boyd Holdbrook you can have a Predator utilizing a suit as a sort of Enforcer. Maybe redesign the suit but make the connection and we as a player base can take out our frustrations on the fourth film and even get some appreciation for it because now we’re in charge of fully changing it to our liking through custom characters.

@IllFonic you guys really couldn’t figure out what to do with the suit? Not even give us the chance to break it ourselves?

them if its a complete writting faillure why are you not postulating already to show Illfonic how to writte a good lore. oh wait you can’t because you don’t even have the skill for it.

Now kid be quiet and listen, they did what was best for the predator franchise by Offscreening that giant Bullshit of Iron Pred armor and removing it from screen for good, this as no place in the franchise what so ever, there was nothing to salvage from that and again they did us a favor by removing it without impacting the story. how you may ask? 24 seconds that the time the armor get stay on right? guess what its the exact same time that the predator suit stay on the scientist at the end of The predator. its was fucking clever and show that the “gift” was not fonctionning properly and making it believable.

Veritanium is literally predator gear melted and reforged into Ingot. damn that give me a lot of Xcom vib between us. they can’t replicate the material and need to keep killing pred for making new weapons.

he wont he is just goint to help coordinate Dutch private little group effort and help them study and make pred tech, but he will never joign the team as a field operator, the tapes have been clear on that Keyes have already joign Dutch during direct mission he hated it, he also nearly die during the fugitive escape and he couldn’t do anything about it. i am pretty this would be direct oposition to his character development at that point. also don’t forget by 2025 he is 54 years old with nearly no military training whatesoever. he is simply not suited for Dutch team as a field agent, operator like zeus probably but i can’t see him joign the field, he would be dead weight.

wouldn’t make sens, those guys have threatned is familly and kids why would he even joigned those bastard. also after the event of The predator Stargazer is believed to have been decapited and dead in the water (wich they are not but you get the idea)

Well in general pred wont use Nanomachine tech, its clearly shown on many comics etc etc. The predator killer suit was probably evented/crafted as nothing but a scientific curiosity i really doubt that the Enforcer would even use such a suit, they are after all a police force not really military one. so it wouldn’t make sens to have those Yautja use it.

Nobody wanted to see anything from that movie in the game or in the lore. Illfonic really did a good job by re-writtting partially the worst part of that movie without damaging the predator lore as a whole and i thank them for that. that movie was already dead in the water little to save. (the only thing salvagable from that movie is the Yautja ship using Wormhole technology, the fugitive armor design and the assasin as the role of mercenaries/cleaner for dirty jobs. and again this CGI faillure is a pain in the ass to watch and appreciate just by how imcompetent he is.)

Agree - lets hope this fucking suit joke will not retunr in any shape or form


if they ever have to go with a more armored kind of suit (compared to OWLF suit wich is meant to take out quickly Yautja by surprise) they should use thoses from Predator hunter.

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They could’ve always said nothing. They could’ve kept it open for other writers, they could’ve weaved it into the ongoing plot, or they could’ve said nothing. All this accomplishes is making them look like a tool that works for the Marvel spider-office because something didn’t conform to its idea of what Predator should be when this is the kind of place that could be dealing with it, not the films. It’s a complete writing failure, it’s wasted potential because they can’t figure out how to make a robot suit fun or figure out how to shuffle it offscreen without actively making the film worse and talking down to its audience.

I mean I’m not a writer either but at least I was trying unlike Illfonic.

You didn’t convince me otherwise you explained in depth what Illfonic placated to.

I think that what you don’t get there, NOBODY liked The predator as the movie, even more so the predator killer. nobody want to see it in the game or even in another movie, NO FANS WANT IT!

and to be honnest its with a huge satisfaction thati listened to the tapes mentioning its removing with any chance of the franchise for good.

you can’t have wasted potential if there is no potential in the first place.

Simple, they don’t and can’t have the right to down right ignore/retckon what happened in the movie, so Illfonic writters where smart enough to put on an an Hazmat suit and go on full damage control with the predator killer suit. and again this is for the best, nobody want that shity suit in the game in any shape or form or any legacy of it.

Also a huge consideration that you have to take into account, by any mean PHG is set in the AVP univer wich mean that at some point Dutch and is teamates will fail, die and the predator knowledge will dissapears from the world for a looooooooong time until the rise of weyland Yutani.

lol no.
AvP as a film franchise is a dead spinoff universe set in modern day. AvP in general doesn’t tie in with Alien at all anymore due to Covenant, yet people still want pred to desperately ride on the coattails of Alien still when Predator is about to become a direct to DVD franchise.
And Disney is retconning the comics.
Blame Fox for letting Pred get handled this badly, lore is completely incoherent at this point.

All we have is the Pred films and illfonic is doubling down on The Predator while also making it make even less sense.


Depend, you can simply go with the more futuristic timeline. Again no franchise are being saved form reebooting.

yeah thank dear old ridley for that, he wanted absolutly to make is WaY bEtER origin story for alien…who ended up being created by a Selfcest Lover androids named david with a failling programming and who’s tale doesn’t even tide and make sens with the first alien movie. but them again if you listen to ridley, the Alien franchise doesn’t have juice anymore lmao (also the old bastard is responsable for stopping Alien 5 production. :'c)

What can i say Both franchise can go well together when you put competent people on it with the right amount of money (something that fox never does and neither Disney so far with the pred franchise). But hey alien fan wanted their franchise separated because they hated to have the alien being used as a simple monster, wich he is, and fortunatly here you guys fantastic movie with Prometheus, Covenant who are fantastic annnnnnnnnnnnd suck ass and barelly tide up to the first film with nearly no memorable character between both movies. Say whatever you want but Alien and predator in therm of movies have sucked hard for the past years. Only in comics both franchise where ok because dark horse was doing a fantastic job Handling them both. but now its marvel and marvel comics are dying.

i mean dude even in the movie when you see the damn predator killer activated it worked like iron man suit in End game. Nanomachine (son) and its was the only logical conclusion on how the fucking armor worked. and in the end it doesn’t even matter as its seem the armor itself is nothing but a dumb prototype that no yautja use. in the end of the day its fine.

Covenant’s still better than the AvP movies no one wants to be tied to that shit but you. Literally just the worst parts of both franchises combined.
The comics weren’t coherent either because it was practically a different writer on every issue, some were completely stupid. Bitch about David but praise comics trying to write in nonsense like “Xenomorph Prime” and preds inviting everyone and their dog who kills something to their homeworld. And Concrete Jungle was never good.
Alien gets Isolation, anniversary anthologies, and a tv show while pred gets a woke direct-to-dvd movie. Both franchises novels are terrible except like 2 and Aliens FT is going to be overppriced trash so there’s that.

A stick and a sharp sword > nanomachines.
It just makes the pred race look dumber than they already are. added to the pile of stuff and bodies they keep generously donating to the human race while also losing their tech is supposed to be the greatest dishonor ever or something they do it every medium.

Predator Killer Suit and The Predator tie ins are another case of “Damned if you do, Damned if you don’t.”

They have to reference it and the loose ends it brings while also doing their own thing. You know how hard it is to write your own story and fix another? And don’t gimme that shit like “Oh it’s easy bro just fix it, just do this and this” when it’s a lot more complicated than that or writing some cringe fan service fan fiction.

This is exactly what Alien: RPG and Aliens: Fireteam are doing, trying to fix the dumpster fire that is Covenant.

by giving us more white aliens that are oh so different because they are white and have tentacles.

I don’t think anyone knows what the endgame is here.
Alien died with Giger now they have no idea what to do other than recycle Aliens.
Isolation gets a pass for being great though.

I see them like Super Preds, they’re a different view into all that is well, them.

I still think Engineers are gonna be the endgame + Boss type of enemy for Fireteam Elite.